Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bone the Fish/Rant on Conservatism

Bone the Fish is actually an interesting website that talks about "jump the shark" moments, not just in TV shows, but also movies, celebrities, and even random stuff, like sports teams and businesses.


That's all that I was basically going to post, but I noticed one major problem, and I feel like posting about it because it needs to be said by somebody. At first, I thought most everyone on the site was an idiot. The reason was because I kept seeing an extreme Conservative bias (which isn't hard to spot) in some of the reasons shows were disliked, and the like. For several shows, I'd see a reason for a show jumping the shark, "Liberal agenda" or some shit like that. First off, that's not a jump the shark moment, that's just some guy who disagrees with the views on the show. Second, some of the shows with a so-called "Liberal bias" really don't have one, and if they do, you can easily tell that it's light to the point where it shouldn't automatically ruin a show, especially if the show has other merits that far outweigh any shortcomings, and I don't consider a sometimes nonexistent "Liberal bias" a shortcoming.

However, I later learned that it was just a few incredibly stupid users, one of particular note being a member named DolFan316, though he's certainly not the only one. I picked him because he, at least from what I've read, was the most outspoken and the overall dumbest of them all. Also, he seems to be responsible for most of the Conservative bias in the reasons a show jumped the shark or sucked because he often comments on the shows that list them. Just read some of this guy's/girl's responses:

You can tell that he has his head shoved so far up Conservatism's ass he can barely see or hear anything else from inside. He constantly complains of Liberal biases and that Liberals are sheep. This is ironic considering Liberals think the same thing of Conservatives. It's immature, really. I don't consider myself either one, but I do lean more towards Liberalism considering Conservatism is a lot more freedom-limiting. Hell, I more than have the right to hate Conservatives: they and Christians are the reason I can't get married, and they're both often synonymous with each other. For this guy, it seems to be no different.

But that's not all of my bad experience with Conservatives. I have never seen or overheard a Conservative change his/her mind about much of anything. In fact, I often hear them going to extremes by saying ridiculous bullshit just to try and keep the argument going, and they usually do this when they show (sometimes even quite small) signs that they're losing. For example (and I'm basing this on an argument that I've heard before, but there were many more quotes similar to it), if you argue with a conservative Christian, and prove to them that the Bible promotes rape (especially to women, because the Bible is also quite misogynistic), they might say something like, "That's for women who sin. It doesn't advocate raping innocent women. Women who have sinned deserve to be raped." This is obviously ridiculous. I am a woman, so I would be deeply offended if someone actually said this, partly because their view of what a sin is and isn't is ambiguous (which means if that person thought being gay is a sin, then I would apparently deserve to be raped), but mostly because rape shouldn't be condoned fucking ever.

Of course, because of this, I've never met a Conservative that knew how to argue well, but nonetheless are often ignorant and continue to believe in stuff that's "inconvenient" for them to believe in, even if what they argue for has been proven 100% false. It's like some kind of drug affecting a stimulus in their brain and they have a hard time quitting. It's not a good knowledge-seeking way to think and argue. I am a knowledge-seeker, so when I admit that I'm wrong, I often take that as a learning experience. The Conservatives I've seen don't do that. They're so ingrained with being right (no pun intended) that they'll even manipulate they're own opinions just for the chance at winning the argument instead of ultimately being right (again, no pun intended).

But getting back to DolFan316, here's my favorite quote of his, posted on the topic "Political Correctness":

"Political correctness is the biggest threat to free speech America has ever faced. It's straight out of George Orwell's 1984 novel. And it was invented by liberals!"

That's my favorite quote because it's so fucking misguided, and it proves just how incredibly brainwashed he is. It made me laugh so hard I was literally rolling on the floor laughing. Why was I laughing, though? It's because this guy doesn't get the point of 1984. If anything, George Orwell considered himself a Democratic Socialist, and Democratic Socialists are people that Conservatives usually don't like. This is ironic, considering this Conservative in particular is quoting a book by a Democratic Socialist to try and support what the novel was initially against: Totalitarianism and Fascism.

Besides that, he's just pulling that "Political Correctness was invented by Liberals" bullshit out of his ass. I don't know who it was really invented by, but he obviously doesn't know, either.

Lastly, DolFan316 apparently really likes Sean Hannity. Sean...Fucking...Hannity! Seriously, 'Nuff said.

P.S. I figured out he has a YouTube account. Two comments claimed he was an asshole, one gave a reason, one didn't. The one that gave a reason said that he commented rudely on someone's misspelling.

I'm honestly not surprised.

P.S.S. I also wanted to show a ripoff of Wikipedia called Conservapedia. It's been criticized by almost everybody except for some Conservatives themselves. If you read some of the shit on the site, you'll quickly see why.

Here are excerpts from Wikipedia on Conservapedia:

Peter Lipson

In April 2007, Peter Lipson, a doctor of internal medicine, attempted to edit the article on breast cancer to include evidence against Conservapedia's statement naming abortion as a major cause of the disease, but found his medical credentials being questioned by Schlafly and other Conservapedia administrators, all of whom ended the debate by deleting Lipson's edits and blocking Lipson's account. Several editors, including Lipson, started another website, RationalWiki, which offers criticism of and satirical articles about Conservapedia, its administrators, and the Conservative Christian viewpoint which it promotes. According to an article published in the LA Times in 2007, "From there, they (Lipson and his fellow editors) monitor Conservapedia. And—by their own admission—engage in acts of cyber-vandalism."

Lenski dialogue

On June 9, 2008, New Scientist published an article describing Richard Lenski's 20-year E. coli experiment, which observed that bacteria evolve the ability to metabolize citrate—a rare and complex mutation. Schlafly contacted Lenski to request the data. Lenski explained that the relevant data was in the paper and that Schlafly fundamentally misunderstood it. Schlafly wrote again and requested the raw data. Lenski replied again that the relevant data was already in the paper, that the "raw data" were living bacterial samples, which he would willingly share with qualified researchers at properly equipped biology labs, and that he felt insulted by letters and comments on Conservapedia, which he saw as brusque and offensive, including claims of outright deceit. The exchange, recorded on a Conservapedia page called "Lenski dialog", was widely reported on news-aggregating sites and Web blogs. Carl Zimmer wrote that it was readily apparent that "Schlafly had not bothered to read [Lenski's paper] closely", and PZ Meyers criticized Schlafly for demanding data despite not having a plan to use it nor the expertise to analyze it. During and after the Lenski dialogue on Conservapedia several users on the site were blocked for "insubordination" for expressing disagreement with Schlafly's stance on the issue.

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