Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why I Dislike Conservatives/Rant On Various Subjects

I've bashed Conservatives in the past, but I haven't quite cemented why yet. I've said a few things so far, but I've heard that there's apparently a very wide variety of beliefs among Conservatives. I can believe it somewhat, but this Wikipedia article here states what they typically believe in terms of our society and it's current issues:


Conservatives are going to see most of those things listed as good things to believe in and follow, obviously. As for most of the rest of us, it's all pure bull shit. I've already said a shit load on LGBT rights issues, and I've already talked about secularism in my post about Atheists being the most hated minority in the country, so I'll skip that for now. I will say something about the rest of it, though.

First, I can understand why people are against abortion, but at the same time, we need it. That's right, need it. We do because it will go black market again, just like it was in the 50s and 60s before it was made legal. It will be harder for the women who need an abortion to get one, and the ones who did get them usually died or faced serious illnesses, since most weren't legal doctors, or weren't safe in their methods. Not only that, but women would've had to pay shitloads of money to even find the doctor, just so they could fucking die from the procedure they performed. Of course, this would kill both the woman and the baby in the process. So, quite honestly, abortions are much better off being legal. Sadly, a lot of people still don't understand this, but when I mentioned this in my Intro to Ethics class, most people in the class changed their opinions, so maybe there's still hope.

But speaking of Pro-Lifers, don't you find it ironic that they're for "saving the babies," yet they're also typically for the death penalty? What a big fucking contradiction. I actually don't have a whole lot to say on whether it should be banned or not, since I haven't done a whole lot of studying on the subject yet, but I know that quite a few innocent people die from the death penalty. Just imagine if your significant other were killed for a crime they didn't commit because of the death penalty, then have forensic studies later figure out it wasn't your significant other who did it. How would you live with that? How could things have gone differently had the penalty not been there? That person could've still been around and gotten out of jail to be in your arms again. But no. They're dead now. There's nothing that can repay you for what's been taken away now. So, if anything, I'm more against it, considering they're already in fucking prison anyway.

Now on to four different subjects in which Conservatives typically, "support the prohibition of drugs, prostitution, premarital sex, non-marital sex and euthanasia"

Okay, for drugs, I agree that drugs aren't good for a person, certain ones not even being good for the environment (here's looking at you, cigarettes). The most dangerous ones are currently banned, but there are other dangerous ones out there that are legal, most notably cigarettes and alcoholic drinks, and various other alternatives that people tend to find, even fucking cough drops. So why aren't those banned? Personal enjoyment? Medicinal purposes? Economical reasons? Those are reasons you could use for most other drugs that are currently banned. I actuall just finished watching a South Park episode tonight that I hadn't seen in a while ("Butt Out"), which was somewhat funny, but ultimately not a very good episode logically. South Park tends to do that, most episodes are okay when it comes to logic and ethics, but every now and then, they miss the mark, or are just plain stupid (here's looking at you, "Hooked on Monkey Phonics"). Anyway, they argued that tobacco products helped found our country and helped bring blacks over here as well. Fine, but does that mean we should keep having them just for that? I know I was arguing for having drugs legal earlier, but cigarettes are kind of a mixed bag to me. The episode questions second-hand smoking being real, but I'm quite sure it is considering I'm quite allergic to it. I could get a migrane within a short period of time just by being around a smoker. That and you have to consider the fact that cigarettes are not only the number one most preventable death in the country (http://www.webmd.com/smoking-cessation/news/20090427/smoking-is-top-cause-of-preventable-death), they are a serious hazard to our environment (http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/02/smoking_environ.php). Otherwise, I'm fine with people's right to choose. My cousin said in Iowa, smoking is banned in all public places, except for maybe casinos and some bars. They can only smoke on private property. She also said that plenty of people are breaking that law and getting fined for it. And I'll admit, people should have a freedom of choice, but at the same time, if things get bad enough, we should do something about it. I don't know what exactly, just something. So ultimately, I'm mixed on the issue of cigarettes.

Then there's prostitution, which I'm actually all for making legal. Just like with abortions, it's going to be a black market thing anyway. At least if we made it legal, we could give prostitutes health benefits and protection, there'd be more comfortable and safer places for sexual practices, and there probably wouldn't be anymore pimps, at least not as bad as there are now. I mean, think about this for a minute. These women are willing to give their bodies for money just so they can make a living, including mothers doing so just so they can feed their kids, and sometimes even that's not enough for them to live on efficiently. That and they have total assholes as their bosses taking most of their money from them, or they're punished more than they should be for not being able to come up with enough money to give to them. They're basically sexual slaves used by those managers of theirs as opposed to employees. Don't you think they deserve more than what they typically get for going through that crap? By the way, I'm not just talking female prostitutes here. I'm talking both sexes being used for employment, if they'd like. That's the one thing I don't like about the typical viewpoint of prostitution, that it's a female thing. Fuck that.

I can't really say a lot about euthanasia, except that it's really supposed to be a passive alternative for those in pain and suffering (certain kinds of pain and suffering) who want to die, particularly the "vegetized" people who can't do anything, who I've heard actually suffer a lot while they're still alive and prefer to die. So why oppose it, I don't know. It's not like the people who do it are wanting to kill people just for the sake of killing people. The people who would do that should be jailed, but the practice shouldn't be banned just because of one evil doctor killing random people through euthanasia.

As for the non-marital sex thing . . . you know what, my cousin had a lot of that and she had no fucking problems whatsoever (and yes, as stated before, she waited a while until she felt she loved the other person enough, usually a woman, to do it). So fuck people who believe in enforcing that on others.

But that last viewpoint of Conservatives has to do with one of their most common beliefs: tradition. They believe that people should do things, whether moral/logical or not, just simply because it's tradition, which is extremely freedom-limiting. This is the main reason why I dislike Conservatives: they honestly believe that we should uphold values, such as keeping women as housewives and men in the workforce, traditional marriage (between one man, one woman), and various religious practices that were used a long time ago in a completely different culture that really don't (and shouldn't) fit within our society. It's a faulty morality system that's sort of like the appeal to popularity logical fallacy: let's follow it because all of these people did. That must make it right. Yes, let's not take a minute to think critically about pressing issues and just go with something we did in the past, whether it worked or felt right or not. And let's just not fix any problems we may be having. Let's just keep things the same whether it's convenient or not. Granted, I'm not against tradition/continuity entirely. For example, I'd like to keep our freedoms that we already have in this country. I don't, however, believe we should have to do various other sociological things, including how we raise our kids, just because that's traditionally how we've done things in the past.

So that brings me to the family values point. I'm against conformity since this is a free country, so I'll be raising my children neutrally when it comes to gender roles. Nor will I, if I were straight, be subject to stay in the house and take care of the kids just because I'm the mother. There's not a good fucking reason why I should. Between my girlfriend and I, I don't know who'll be the one to stay home and take care of the kids. It'd be nice if we both did, but I doubt that'll happen. I think we'll be fine either way.

But now on to the last subject: censorship. We have this thing called the first ammendment which allows us to say whatever we'd like, yet we have beeps on television cutting out socially constructed "bad words," people are told what to say or else they'll be fired (as is the case here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Gerstmann) and parental advisory labels on album covers, as well as warning labels on movie and video game covers. There's no morality in limiting this. The Wikipedia article talks about censoring pornography, though. Yeah, great. Let's seee some action without actually seeing the action. Excellent idea. Might as well not fucking have porn at all. Granted, I'd rather not see a penis, but I'm sure most women would if they watched porn. Besides, kids aren't even allowed to watch or look at porn, and even if they did, unless they were shut out from it and taught by their parents to not appreciate the naked body, it won't have nearly as much of a negative affect on a child as most people would think. If anything, it hinders knowledge, and preventing them from seeing a penis/vagina will just make them more curious about what the opposite sex's private parts look like. Even though I'm a lesbian, even I was curious what a penis really looked like. Until I saw one and barfed. I doubt most kids would do that, though.

Anyway, I guess I should mention is another flawed morality system, one that's criticised by anyone who has a brain. Natural Law. The belief that anything natural is automatically right, and anything not natural is immoral. That means that a lot of medical practices, including abortion and euthanasia, along with even taking simple medication like IB Profen and cough drops, and technological breakthroughs, even me using this computer to type out whatever I feel like saying, is immoral to some Conservatives who follow Natural Law. Most importantly, this is another reason why some Conservatives who follow this are against LGBT rights, because thy think it's not a natural process and that they choose. I think, if you're smart enough, you can figure out why this whole ideal is ridiculous. If you honestly can't figure out why, I'll show you links about the Naturalistic Fallacy and the Appeal to Nature explaining why, since I could take up a whole new blog post about the subject:


And lastly, there's one more typical viewpoint among Conservatives. I very often see them concentrating on our own country to the point where it's even egotistical and selfish, which seems to be a big reason why most of the world hates us, which would mean that Conservatives are largely responsible for most of the world disliking our country. I could easily be wrong about that, and I apologize if I am, but I won't apologize otherwise, because it's fucking annoying and rude either way. They tend to complain about our own country's "problems," yet I rarely hear them talking about other country's problems, particularly with other country's rights. Also, they tend to complain about our country even if the smallest little thing happens to it. Let's say prostitution is actually made legal, or the death penalty made illegal. I rarely hear Conservatives, unless they are truly smart, criticise the passing or banning of the practice at hand. Usually, what happens is that they bitch about various other things that have nothing to do with the subject, which is a Red Herring logical fallacy. Instead of "The death penalty shouldn't be illegal because of this and that reason, blah blah blah," we get, "What is happening to my country? We're losing our rights, our family values, our God, etc. *bitchmoanwhinenagnagwhinemoanbitch*" I said earlier that South Park tended to be hit and miss, but with the episode "Dances with Smurfs," they hit the nail right on the head with what I was just talking about, particularly when it comes to Glenn Beck.

So that's generally why I dislike Conservatives. I've met some smart ones, but the people I usually talk to who are Conservative (you can usually tell if they are quite easily) are usually ill-informed, have moral and logical viewpoints based off of ridiculous concepts, are brainwashed (yet sometimes tend to claim everyone else is), or are just plain stupid (here's looking at you, Sarah Palin). Or a combination of all of that. Either way, I'd rather not follow Conservatism. It's not the worst path to travel, but there are certainly much better viewpoints and lifestyles that can be followed instead.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why Most Women Don't Play Video Games


There's your reason why.

Seriously, almost every single woman I see in a video game is either highly sexualized, or gorgeous. It's normally incredibly unrealistic either way, considering, say, if a game is a Science Fiction space exploration Adventure/Action where you fight people/aliens in ships as well as using artillery and hand to hand combat. Let's call it Mortal Kombat Meets Metroid. You'd expect everyone, to wear something that protects them, like a space suit or armor like the kind that Samus Aran uses. Well, they usually do that for the men, but not the women. Instead, let's put the women in armored bikinis instead. It's certainly nice to look at, but when you get into a battle with Ridley or Shao Khan, you'd want to have something on to protect you. It's no wonder women are usually the weaker characters in video games. Well, that and the ridiculous social stigma that women are naturally weak and fragile creatures. They obviously haven't met Joanie Laurer.

Former Intercontinental Champion; can bench press 365 lbs.

And we can't forget the breast physics thing. Sure, the game makers make boobs bouncy and jiggly and all that, but they don't put in other breast physics, such as back pain, difficulty breathing, skin irritation, and difficulty buying clothing. Well, that last one isn't quite a physical thing like the rest, but you get my point.

Just like the Energizer bunny, they can go all day.

And speaking of Samus, let me just say that I idolized her when I was growing up, since she was a tough as nails woman who, admittedly always wore a bikini under her armor, but she still wasn't highly sexualized . . . until she started wearing what's called a Zero Suit. It's a skin tight blue outfit that she now wears under her armor. Granted, it covers more than a bikini, but the problem is that, ever since that switch, Nintendo has been sexualizing her more often. Thanks, Nintendo, for ruining my idol for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm still all for Nintendo Strip Poker, but I don't care for random ass shots just for the Hell of it (even though I'm a lesbian).

Fan service.

Oh, and they've been sexualizing Princess Daisy, too . . .

You know, for kids!

You know what, I may be a lesbian, but most women aren't. Most women aren't going to care if you can see Princess Peach's underwear in Super Smash Bros., and they most likely won't even play a game with a woman in a deliberately skimpy outfit on the cover. They especially wouldn't be touching a game like Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Well, unless they were like me, but I doubt it, don't you? Hell, even I didn't care to play that game.

Perfect game to show your girlfriend.

Besides the sexualization, there's also another factor that deals with a different kind of mentality, one I've dealt with since childhood. It seems a lot of boys I knew growing up (or at least met in a pizza place somewhere) were usually surprised or even upset with the fact that I was (and still am) a gamer. I liked playing games just like they did, but sometimes would almost be excluded from playing games just because I'm female. There were more boys that I knew who weren't like that than the ones who were, but that kind of mentality was prevalent through most of my life until adulthood and a rise in the population of female gamers. Overall, that kind of mentality seems to be dying down, and it really should, because it's freedom limiting behavior.

 Just like you. Live with it, she may be your only chance of getting laid.

Regardless of all of that crap, I'm the kind of person who plays games to play games as opposed to having any other sort of thing, like eye candy, get in my way. Hell, if I really wanted eye candy that badly, I have somebody for that already, and unlike some of the video games that I play, I can never get sick of her.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Update On My Cousin

A lot of great things have happened within these past two weeks. My girlfriend and I finally went out to Iowa to visit my cousin. Nobody else in the family dropped by when we visited, it was just us, which I would've preferred anyway, since it's been a long time since I've seen her.

My cousin and her girlfriend didn't get married yet. They aren't getting married until Summer because the weather will be better outside, and my girlfriend and I will be off all Summer long (school-wise, at least). She told me what she was planning, though. She wanted an ultimately laid back wedding. She said that my girlfriend and I would be up on the alter with her (and maybe a couple of other people), that everyone can wear whatever they wanted instead of having to dress fancy, and wanted a unique alternative to exchanging rings, just to name a couple of things. That's coincidentally what my girlfriend and I have been planning on for a while now.

But there was a huge moment that happened while my girlfriend and I were there. Before we left for Iowa, my cousin told my girlfriend and I that, because of the fact that we could get into major trouble for having sex where we currently live, she was willing to let us have sex at her place. At first, we were against the idea, simply because we felt bad for some reason that I can't explain. After a while, I did change my mind, eventually convincing my girlfriend that if she didn't want to, she didn't have to, but if we got in the mood, that we shouldn't be afraid to hold ourselves back, because it'll be a long time before we get a chance like this again, and considering we've been together for more than fifteen years, it's about time we went further. She agreed, and she actually started getting horny just thinking about it afterward. At that point, I was sure it was going to happen. We certainly didn't have sex right when we got there or anything, but the day (technically night) after we arrived, we got in the mood. I won't go into detail, but I will say it was, to quote Stephanie Meyer, quite an incredibly amazingly wonderfully awesome experience. Actually, I should say experiences, because we had sex multiple times over the past couple of weeks.

So, yeah, we lost our virginity! In the morning after we'd first had sex, my cousin's girlfriend asked if we even fell asleep, telling us that she heard us (particularly my girlfriend). My girlfriend blushed and apologized, and my cousin replied that she shouldn't feel too bad because she saw it as me getting back at her for keeping me awake when I was living with her.

Well, actually, I will tell people something about one position that they should know. Trust me when I say that doing sixty nine is not as fun as it sounds. There's a big problem dealing with smelling your partner's ass, even if you don't want to, since you have to breathe through your nose because your mouth is busy. It's awesome otherwise, if you can handle that setback.

But other than that, all I've got to say is that Christmas was fun. We even got to go see Avatar in 3D while we were there. Awesome movie overall, and the 3D, unlike most movies, actually felt more realistic, instead of just using them for cheap "in your face" effects.

Oh, and on our way home, we saw one of the most ridiculous billboards we've ever seen. It was a an advertisement for some jewelry store claiming that it was a "woman's hardware store." If you don't realize why that's wrong on so many levels, then you must be brain dead or something.