Thursday, March 21, 2013

An Outside Observer's Perspective

I said before I'd be making my last post about Bone the Fish a while ago, and I truly thought that was it. Unfortunately, a friend of mine wanted to check out what all of the "drama" was about. Why, I don't know. I first told him to just browse the site (with the added little sort of rule "stay away from my entry for now"), and though he was enjoying himself for a short while, he was finding he disliked a very present mentality in a couple of users. He then noticed it was actually pretty widespread as he kept browsing, and said that if they were the people commenting the most or even running the site, he'd rather not join at all because a large portion of what the users had said was completely ridiculous and even awful.

He then decided to read my posts on the issue. He told me, even with my blunders and any embarrassing quips, that, in the end, I did a good enough job at making my point and definitely drove it home, maybe even a little more than I had to. He understood why I made each post, and even supports what I say. I didn't even expect that, because I was thinking he would be impartial on the issue and pick at me as well (he usually would). He even said, in essence, "I'm not being biased here. You're pretty much right, those guys just suck."

Shortly after reading the entry Bone the Fish had on me, he asked if I had read anything about me since the last post or even looked back at all, and I said I hadn't; I didn't care and figured that it would be what I'd expect: cromagnon-level ad hominems, misinformation, not admitting any sort of wrong whatsoever, etc. He said I was pretty much right, and that PYRulz was particularly hilarious considering he went to such great lengths to show me how much he didn't care (like I care about his lack of caring). However, there was one post that he thought was just so completely deplorable that he wanted to point it out to me, and oddly enough, it was made by someone named Soggy9000 who he said wasn't like the other guys, and even criticized them for the same things I noted in my blog. I did indeed find that tidbit strange, so I decided I'd check it out (ignoring the other posts made considering the confirmation from my friend) with my friend's warning of, "it may hurt you; hell, it hurt me." Here's the post he made:

"Just visited the blog for the first time. I think that makes me Visitor #17 since she started the thing a couple of years ago. (She has exactly two "followers" as I write this, which is just sad.) You know, this is why I live in fear that someone will ask me why I don't become the 97,000,000th person on Planet Earth to start a blog. They may as well tell me: "Soggy, it must really suck to have no friends and only a marginal life." Here's the basic formula: You write a bunch of bitter shit about how misunderstood/unappreciated you are, burp out a few painfully lightweight album or movie reviews from time to time, strike a self-indulgent (not to mention self-delusional) little pose as an oh-so-world-weary philosopher/intellectual, chronicle the latest who-cares events in your nobody life - or perhaps the latest cute trick you taught your cat - as if anybody (besides those two followers) gives the first shit about any of it, and then shake your little fist at an established site with a thousand-plus members - that would of course be BTF - for allowing a few of its feistier personalities to tease you on its boards. If I were ever to announce my intention to start a blog, I would fully expect people to shake their heads in concern and tell me: "Ohh, you poor man." At least ninety percent of blogs are melancholy places like this one; essentially a lonely person talking to an empty room. (This is true of ninety percent of self-published books too.) I'd sooner blow my brains out than start a blog. Besides, I am under no illusion that I have any thoughts of such originality or profundity that THEY MUST BE SHARED WITH THE WORLD."

I will admit that I wasn't not hurt at all, but I wasn't even close to tears like my friend expected. Just a very small sinking feeling in my gut was all. But I can see why he made his warning. It's an overly vicious attack for even those who would be deserving of such criticism, let alone someone like myself who made legitimate points and is a damn nice person to boot (my girlfriend wouldn't be with me if that weren't the case, and she has told me so several times, so it's not my ego talking). The only thing I can personally understand is the "most blogs are shit" point of view. I would've expected that one either way. I didn't want to reply because I just thought, "well, this guy's obviously a major asshole," and wanted to move on, but my friend wanted to say something, and not on the Bone the Fish site since he knows the people there are unsavory. I wanted to abstain from doing such, but he insisted he do it on this blog. I suppose if he wants to so much, he can go right ahead. So here he is:

"First off, Soggy9000, I don't care whether you read this or not. I know you not reading this post can defeat the purpose of any sort of reply, but this was definitely such a deplorable post you made that I felt the need to say something to avenge my friend here. Without getting into detail, I'll just say that I owe her and her family a lot.

And I'd like to say I understand you have no interest in blogs such as this (but then I must wonder why you bothered to read). I don't normally do so, either, unless it's family or maybe important friends such as Redhead Metalhead; her blog is much the same way, though even if she didn't have family and friends reading it, she's fine just putting down whatever thoughts she has, much like I'm doing here.

Otherwise, I find your criticism quite unfair and far too, and Redhead Metalhead picked the perfect word, vicious, even though you still used lame insults in between. Whether you care about your intense rudeness or not is not of any of my concern despite my own rudeness in the lack of consideration. This should not be considered unfair in light of your assessments.

Most of this viciousness, of course, is in your just-as-painful-to-read run-on sentence of doom, which was a altogether unfair generalized criticism in itself besides the distasteful taunts. What do you expect from a typical journal-style piece? High art? If so, I'd love to see how high you can go. But hey, I would assume not . . . so then why the brutal attack? Because you can? Sure, you can, but where's the real justification? Do you realize you seem extremely upset over someone's personal playground, especially considering she never attacked you (from what I could tell, you hadn't even been around by the time Redhead Metalhead made her posts)? Do you have issues of your own? If so, hell, feel free to post them. We'll sympathize. After all, the only way for sympathy to stay alive is to ensure it's mutual.

But the real problem is you don't even know who she is. This blog gives you some general details, sure, but you don't actually know that much about her even if you read every single post here (so, yes, indeed you are misunderstanding her, but that's obviously to be expected of anyone you don't know, and yet that is absolutely not her intention). The detail about her father being in prison wasn't even released until after this post was made, and that alone says a lot, and there's a big story behind that (which I won't get into; if Redhead Metalhead decides to, that's when you can read about it, and she said she might reveal that in her final post). I even found it silly that you pointed talked about her having cats (or at least teaching them tricks) when she's allergic to them. Small thing to pick on, sure, but it helps show you didn't really assess the blog as well as you thought.

But if you want me to get into the big details that matter, I don't see why she isn't intelligent or even delusional. The things that sound silly on this blog are just opinions; not that I haven't seen anything false, but most of what she posts besides opinion is indeed factual and even generally well-typed, like the posts about what feminism and liberalism and conservatism are. Even the posts that seem like they don't provide insight actually do if you think about an issue enough. Then again, considering how vicious the attack is, I can't help but think you're merely just making an attack regardless of how smart she actually is; after all, to expect someone to be more intelligent than her, from how much more I know of her than you, is ultimately unrealistic (and keep in mind, intelligence is not measured by merely one or even two things).

And lastly, she doesn't care about popularity. She learned a hell of a lot about that whole issue in school, which she has gone into some detail about. Keep that in mind while considering these posts about Bone the Fish, or, actually, some of it's users. I suppose, considering the constant comments and misinformation on this, I must reiterate that she (nor I) is not even against the concept of a site like this, because she actually finds the idea kind of fun. She even thought about joining and posting until she noticed the trend that even both you and I noticed (though for the sake of correct information, you did not note that any political debate or commentary was mainly one-sided, though even I must admit it definitely was, especially considering the little circle-jerking action I saw in the "Bone the Fish" topic on their site).

I just wanted to get that all off of my chest, because it shook me to the core at least a little bit considering how awful your post is, and Internet posts rarely ever do that to me, so that's an accomplishment you can add to your list, as if it's an accomplishment worth having (couldn't get Redhead Metalhead, tough break). If that is an accomplishment for you, it definitely shows you have a shitty life indeed for needing to get your rocks off in cyberspace, but unlike you, I won't judge.

That's all I have to say.

. . . At least to Soggy9000. As a last note, I wanted to point out that, in the "BTF - In the News" area (in the "Friends of BTF" link), it lists "Red Head Metal Head" and next to that "Blog Critical of BTF". If indeed these people she criticized are those who help run the site, this is yet another awful showing of misinformation, possibly even deliberate. I have already touched on why that is the case."

I suppose I should thank my friend for wanting to do that, though I will note, not to put him down but just for record, that it wasn't necessary. I otherwise would not have even made this post and would have left everything alone. I don't really feel it accomplishes anything other than making my friend feel better, which I thought was purpose enough to do this. But either way, I'm definitely done with this bullshit. I wanted to be even after reading that stupid comment of Soggy9000's, but now I'm definitely finished. If my friend wants to comment again, that shit can be taken elsewhere somehow.

I suppose I can end this post now, but I do want to touch on one minor issue that has popped up for a short while before I forget yet again. I am absolutely not posting any pictures of myself or any members of my family, and you won't find pictures of any of them online, either. The best chance you have of finding pictures of anyone in my family online is my cousin, and that's only because of how many relationships she has been in; she has not posted pictures of herself online. Not that you'd be able to find her considering none of you, besides those who actually know her, know what she looks like, but I digress.

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