Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Cousin (Part 2)

Now that you know a bit about my cousin's sex life, and how she seems like quite a deviant, I shall now impart upon you all the fact that my cousin is actually a great person. She is, in fact, one of my largest inspirations, and that's because she helped take care of me. I'd even go as far as saying she practically raised me.

See, both of my parents worked, because that's one of the things they valued most in life. That meant that they needed someone to babysit me after school, and the only person capable (besides my wife's family) was my cousin. My cousin and her family were the only relatives close by, and my cousin loved helping take care of me when I was a baby as well, so they figured she'd be the one to do it. In fact, when I was a baby, I was real fussy and she was one of the few people who could calm me down. Of course, when I had to be taken home and left her arms, I would apparently get fussy again.

That was how it was throughout my life as well. She was one of the few who could cheer me up if I wasn't happy, because I knew she loved me and cared about me. Whenever I'd be teased at school, and she happened to be around, she defended me. Even on my very first day of school when I was nervous and confused and upset, and saw her pass by in the hallway, she went out of her way to come give me a great big hug. She was running late for class, but she cared more about how I felt than her work, which was such a disconnect to the attitude of my parents.

Usually when we were together, it would usually be at her place, but we'd go out occasionally and do  something like go to restaurants and arcades, or even just to walk around check out the sites. My wife would tag along fairly often, and we'd occasionally see a friend of my cousin's, but even if that happened, my cousin and I would just continue to do what we wanted to by ourselves. But the arcade was our usual place to hang out if we went outside anywhere. We even beat a few games, which sometimes attracted an audience. In fact, we were the first to ever beat House of the Dead of everyone who played it in that arcade, which we did together (I even remember my wife was out of town at the time visiting extended family). Took quite a few quarters, but it was worth it. The arcade closed down and turned into a restaurant,but at least that restaurant is a pizza place with a couple of the old arcade games still there (the ones that still worked anyway; most of them had broken down or were faulty, even House of the Dead).

My cousin and I were able to do all of that game-playing thanks to the jobs she had late in her high school years, which she mostly had during the summer, but still kept a couple during the school year and just went to them maybe a day or two a week for at least a few hours. One of her favorite job around that period, despite still hating some things about it, was working at FuncoLand during her senior year back when that still existed (it's now GameStop, go figure). She even got to see that crazy training video they made, which I'm posting that has funny commentary added by its uploader, ChipCheezum.

My cousin, after watching that, thought back to her initial viewing and mentioned she even had a couple of similar thoughts back then, like the system cleaning and the overall strangeness (like how close the boss guy's face got to the camera and his make-up). It turned out, though, that her particular store didn't seem to push system cleaning as much, maybe only when selling a system and even then didn't worry about it a whole lot. But thanks to her working there, we even were able to rent games easier and got some deals and such. She suspected the whole time, even before being hired, that she was hired (or would be hired) mainly because she's attractive. No women were working there at the time, and that store was looking for someone to fill that void. My cousin was who they found. I couldn't go there while she was working there too often, but my wife's family sometimes would stop by while doing some things so we could chat for a few whenever we did. Whenever we would I'd sometimes get to witness my cousin's work there, and she was generally pretty good, but she liked to crack jokes (she got in trouble a couple of times for that) and sometimes would even be more honest than her superiors would've wanted her to be because my cousin always felt bad about ripping customers off, which eventually led to her being fired despite bringing in more customers that way. The employers who hired her later realized that and hired her mainly for that reason, so that ultimately worked out for her.

She didn't even need to work around those times, though. She just did it so she and I and my wife could do certain fun things together, and the experiences helped her out later on in life anyway. Even then, she didn't want to work too much, since she treasured her time with me and knew I did, too. That was ultimately more important to her, but I'm sure you readers get that by now.

But we both spent a good deal of time indoors as well, and we mostly spent that time by either playing games and reading together and helping me through my homework, or we'd sometimes even do our own things, like she'd go somewhere else to watch a show she really liked, like The X-Files, or have private time with her lover or something like that, and I'd play games elsewhere or read elsewhere. Despite being around her and influenced by her and all, we did have some differing interests; for instance, at the time, I didn't care for The X-Files because it didn't completely make sense to me back then and kind of bored me because of that.

Anyway, I didn't mind being separated from her sometimes, because as much as I loved her and wanted to hang around her a lot, I enjoyed my own privacy and otherwise wouldn't have been able to do my own things, too. My cousin realized having my own independence was important in growing up anyway, so sometimes she'd even request that I go outside or play somewhere else or go over to my wife's house or something like that, and it wasn't to be mean at all or anything like that. She just knew growing up as a child with various influences and stimuli was important. However, though it was rare, she would sometimes scold me, but unlike whenever my parents did it to me, she almost always made some kind of sense and later apologized to me when it didn't, which was so rare that I think it may not have happened more than once or twice. I remember there was only one time when she did agree with my parents about a time I was grounded and therefore grounded me from using her game systems and such whenever I'd come over; got screwed out of playing a certain game she rented for a long time because of that, too, but I got over it. Otherwise, she'd let me do our usual thing if my parents grounded me and I happened to be over there, like if I was grounded for swearing (we both swore a lot, even when I was younger than ten, which is silly but kind of cool looking back), or if I got too frisky with my wife back then (she prevented that, too, but didn't agree with a grounding, she thought it was too extreme; she just stopped us).

I'm sure I'm boring most everyone who reads this, but this has all been extremely important in my life, so that's why I'm going over this in detail like I am. I suppose I may have said enough for now, though. This should paint a better picture of who my cousin is, a laid-back, caring person well worth being around,a nd I feel incredibly lucky to have grown up around her. If not for her, I certainly would not be where I'm at today, which is happy with my whole family and with what I've done throughout my life. So, to my cousin, I can't thank you enough, but I suppose you are just content with my happiness thanks to your deeds.

I will certainly be sad whenever she leaves, and to demonstrate that, I will tell of the time she left town with her wife to get eventually get married. My wife and I roomed together in a dorm, and we were just starting out, standing outside of our dorm with my cousin and her wife as they were about to leave. They stopped by to say goodbye and then take off. As much as I bawled and didn't want her to leave, I understood. And being the person she is, she even had to be humorous in that unbearably sad situation by saying something along the lines of, "Damn, if you're this sad with me moving away, I'd hate to see you after I die." Not the funniest thing for her to say, but it did make me chuckle and I smiled some after that before crying again as they finally took off. I later even requested to skip classes that day because the event was so devastating to me, which most of the teachers were fine with (one obliged but wasn't completely happy about that despite still getting my work done anyway). For a while after that, neither my cousin or I talked for a while, partially because we lost information, but also because I was afraid to for some odd reason. I think it was because I'm not the type who likes to break the mold and get upset when I do sometimes (like I did when revealing my lesbian nature to my wife for the first time back in Kindergarten), but once we first called each other, we both felt much better about ourselves, and she even admitted to crying in the car while driving away, so I suppose it's hard for her to not be around me, too. I guess we both influenced each other in a great way, and I'm proud of that. So once again, cousin... thank you.

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