Thursday, November 3, 2011

Workplace Discrimination

Really? In this economy, we're still worried about inconsequential bullshit like this? Having a tattoo doesn't prevent someone from performing their work, does it? Same goes for a lot of appearance-related issues, and all of it falls under discrimination. "But Redhead Metalhead," you may be asking. "What's wrong with discrimination? Why can't people believe what they want?"

Here's the problem:

Prejudice = the belief

Discrimination = the action

That right there is the problem: the action. Discrimination. You can believe someone with a tattoo is an asshole if you want, but that doesn't make it true. Just because you get rid of the tattoo doesn't mean you get rid of the asshole (from what I've heard, it's expensive and painful anyway). You still have the same person, just without a particular visual image associated with the individual. Boy, that accomplished a lot, didn't it?

But the biggest problem is obviously a person's rights being limited. Why should a person have to cater to what a business wants if they legally can't even have control in the first place? That's a big reason why people call it "wage slavery" nowadays, because employers deeply affect our personal lives in several ways, and there's apparently nothing a lot of us can do about it, despite the fact that they're not supposed to do it. Besides that point, it's apparently okay for them to ask someone to, say, cut their hair short simply because it looks better to them (seen this happen to a lot of men), but they won't ask a black man to change his skin color or a woman to change her sex (both of which are possible). All it boils down to is the employer being a stupid piece of shit for thinking looks actually mean something.

But seriously, with our economy and unemployment levels where they are at now, and with the way our society and culture has been progressing, why even worry about it any more? Don't we need to be hiring more people, or are we really not that bad off after all? Are you telling me that even if a really nice guy who's a hard worker had four kids and a wife to feed at home, and had absolutely nowhere else to go to get a job, you'd still deny him simply because he won't cut his hair or remove a tattoo? Fuck you.

Now, I know what some people are thinking. "Why can't he just cut his hair or remove his tattoo?" Because he shouldn't have to. Why? Because it shouldn't even be an issue in the first place. There should be nothing else on your mind if someone is nice and works well enough and is qualified for the job. This shit seriously needs to stop, not just if we want to help with the unemployment problem and such, but if we want to have freedom. Freedom, you know, that concept this country was founded on? Yeah, let's not be hypocrites and try to keep that, because it's nice to have.

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