Thursday, November 3, 2011

Workplace Discrimination

Really? In this economy, we're still worried about inconsequential bullshit like this? Having a tattoo doesn't prevent someone from performing their work, does it? Same goes for a lot of appearance-related issues, and all of it falls under discrimination. "But Redhead Metalhead," you may be asking. "What's wrong with discrimination? Why can't people believe what they want?"

Here's the problem:

Prejudice = the belief

Discrimination = the action

That right there is the problem: the action. Discrimination. You can believe someone with a tattoo is an asshole if you want, but that doesn't make it true. Just because you get rid of the tattoo doesn't mean you get rid of the asshole (from what I've heard, it's expensive and painful anyway). You still have the same person, just without a particular visual image associated with the individual. Boy, that accomplished a lot, didn't it?

But the biggest problem is obviously a person's rights being limited. Why should a person have to cater to what a business wants if they legally can't even have control in the first place? That's a big reason why people call it "wage slavery" nowadays, because employers deeply affect our personal lives in several ways, and there's apparently nothing a lot of us can do about it, despite the fact that they're not supposed to do it. Besides that point, it's apparently okay for them to ask someone to, say, cut their hair short simply because it looks better to them (seen this happen to a lot of men), but they won't ask a black man to change his skin color or a woman to change her sex (both of which are possible). All it boils down to is the employer being a stupid piece of shit for thinking looks actually mean something.

But seriously, with our economy and unemployment levels where they are at now, and with the way our society and culture has been progressing, why even worry about it any more? Don't we need to be hiring more people, or are we really not that bad off after all? Are you telling me that even if a really nice guy who's a hard worker had four kids and a wife to feed at home, and had absolutely nowhere else to go to get a job, you'd still deny him simply because he won't cut his hair or remove a tattoo? Fuck you.

Now, I know what some people are thinking. "Why can't he just cut his hair or remove his tattoo?" Because he shouldn't have to. Why? Because it shouldn't even be an issue in the first place. There should be nothing else on your mind if someone is nice and works well enough and is qualified for the job. This shit seriously needs to stop, not just if we want to help with the unemployment problem and such, but if we want to have freedom. Freedom, you know, that concept this country was founded on? Yeah, let's not be hypocrites and try to keep that, because it's nice to have.

Cheating/Playing Games

You can say all you want about why you cheated, but it all ultimately boils down to one thing: lack of communication. "Instead of telling my partner what I'm thinking, I'm just going to go fuck somebody else," seems to be what's on anyone's mindset whenever they cheat, and it's bullshit like that (both the cheating and lack of communication) that tends to ruin marriages.

People, seriously, it doesn't matter what you're thinking. If it's a problem, you have to let your partner know, even if it does create a rift. Thing is, it normally shouldn't if you just want to have a discussion, and that's the approach you should take. To not do so creates a lack of mutual respect and brings you even further apart. Even if you end up fighting, you're still far better off than betraying who you love.

Now, despite me giving this advice, my wife and I have never cheated or even had the thought, but that is in big part because of what I've said here (and keep in mind, we've been together since Kindergarten and haven't been apart at all since). My cousin, on the other hand has been cheated on a few times in past relationships, and that was ultimately because of two things: 1. Lack of communication. 2. My cousin's significant other thinking my cousin wanting to discuss issues automatically meant she hated them. Please, don't think that's the case. If someone did truly did dislike you, I'm sure they wouldn't even want to be with you any more and wouldn't discuss anything.

But whether your discussions or arguments end up ending your relationship or further tear you apart or not, stop fucking cheating. All it does is complicate your lives even further by creating far more drama than a simple argument.

But when it comes to the discussions and arguments themselves, here's another lesson people need to learn: stop playing games. Stop giving hints. Just come the fuck out with it. Be straightforward with your intentions. Your partner is not a mind-reader, and what you do is not always clear-cut. In fact, most of the time it isn't. But even if you think it's obvious, just tell your partner anyway, because they may not happen to know. It doesn't make them less intelligent in any way if they can't read you even after a decade or more together, but it does make you look like a piece of shit for assuming they should know either way. Even after approximately twenty years with my wife, we still can't figure out what all is on each other's minds, so think about that before you assume such bullshit about your own partner.

Unfortunately, though I talk about my relationship longevity and how that helps when it comes to giving relationship advice, not everything I say really should be applicable to everyone. What I say here, however, is an exception. This shit is basic and should really be obvious to everyone, but naturally, since the world seems to be full of morons, it isn't. Even some clinical psychologists and psychiatrists seem to not realize what I'm saying here helps prevent breakups, and will give you advice that won't work. If they say something other than what I said here, seriously, don't listen to them just because they're an "authority" on the subject (because even they're not always right). In this case, I implore you, take my word for it. At least on this.