Friday, February 4, 2011

The Time My Girlfriend and I Fell In Love

I have explained how my girlfriend and I got together, and even our first kiss and all. However, I have not yet told the story of when we truly fell in love with each other.

After about a week or two together (we were still little girls, of course), my girlfriend's family took us to some place, and my cousin and her family heard about it and wanted to come along, my cousin bringing her then girlfriend along as well. I can't remember the place or anything, but there was music playing and people were dancing. Not long after arriving, my girlfriend's parents and my cousin and her family were encouraging us to dance together.

My girlfriend got excited about it, but I was nervous. My girlfriend grabbed my hand, and we both headed out to the dance floor. Everyone else followed with their respective partners. Soon after we got on the dance floor, "That's All," the version sung by Johnny Mathis (something I figured out later on) started playing. For those who have never heard it, here it is:

Best version of the song (besides when my girlfriend sings it, of course), and I don't just think that because of the reasons stated later. Only thing he screwed up on was when he said, "And a love time can only destroy." It's supposed to say something along the lines of, "And a love time can never destroy." Otherwise, it's an incredible rendition of a brilliant song.

Anyway, this is the song we had our first dance to. During this song, my girlfriend and I looked each other in the eyes, never looking away, except when we kissed a couple of times. This is when we both fell in love with each other. It's not just my sentiment; my girlfriend agrees. That was the definitive moment. From what we heard from everyone else, that's what it even looked like. So I'm not just glad that my girlfriend and I experienced that moment, but that the rest of the group did, too.

Of course, my girlfriend and I later learned that was the reason they brought us there. We also learned that it was my girlfriend's mom that requested that song be played before we all danced to it, because that is one of her favorite songs.

It is for this reason that we have chosen "That's All" as "our song." We don't know how we will have it played at our wedding, but it will be what plays while my girlfriend and I have our first dance. My cousin even raised the idea of singing it for us, which we may actually want, because she has a great voice, and generally knows how we like to hear the song.

Anyway, I thought that would be a cute and romantic story to share with anyone who happens to be reading this, and I felt like typing it up because my girlfriend and I are real excited about getting married this summer, so we started getting nostalgic, talking about stuff like this. We even just held and kissed each other for a while after hearing "That's All" the other day.

So I'll say this for the umpteenth, yet certainly not the last, time: Sweetie, I love you. So very much. For now and evermore.

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