Friday, November 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Plans/About My Girlfriend and Her Family

For this Thanksgiving, my girlfriend and I will be heading to my cousin's parent's house with my cousin and her wife. Once there, we'll be greeted by not only her parents, but also her wife's parents, my girlfriend's parents, and my mom (just her, because I no longer keep in contact with my father and want nothing to do with him any more). My girlfriend, her mom, my cousin's dad, and my mom will be helping with the food-making for the most part, and my cousin wants to bring something she likes to make (she doesn't know what yet). If I were to make and bring anything, it'd be peanut butter brownies, which I might end up making with my cousin, because it's been a couple of years since we made anything together.

The only reason we're doing all of this at my cousin's parent's house is because it's the only house that has a large enough table to fit everyone joining to eat dinner. And my girlfriend wants to help make food because she loves to cook and is actually incredibly good at it. She initially wanted for her mom to teach her how to cook because she wanted to make me meals in the future, and figured she would also want to feed her kids later on in life. She's cute like that.

Now I feel like talking more about her, because, despite the absolute love I feel for her, I haven't talked about her in a lot of detail yet. Since she hasn't been writing on her blog any more (just got bored with it), I figured I'll do so now. Better late than never, I guess.

She is the sweetest person I will ever meet in my life, and I like to go as far as saying that she's the sweetest person ever, so I feel like the luckiest person in the universe just to be with her, especially for as long as we've been together. She was even sweet enough to skip the chance of being homeschooled to ensure that my time in school would not be a living Hell. I encouraged her to be homeschooled instead, since it would get her away from the bullies and such, and because we could still see each other, but she insisted on not doing it for my well-being. Admittedly, she was probably right. I likely would've had a much harder time getting through a lot of it without her being there. However, it did end up emotionally scarring her to some degree, so I still feel bad about the whole thing. She ensures me that I shouldn't worry about it, because she's glad that she was able to help. Now I return the favor if she ever feels upset by reminders or anything like that.

She doesn't like it when people are treated like shit. She likes to take care of things and make sure everything is all right, so she might also become sad if somebody is having a hard time, or get upset if she sees a parent mistreating their child. And, of course, just because something is violent doesn't mean my girlfriend won't like it, since she liked watching wrestling with me and plays violent video games with me fairly often (we played both Star Wars Battlefront games together for a few hours last night). However, she is typically more into stuff that doesn't involve violence. For instance, when she was real little, she mostly liked playing with stuffed animals and dolls. She didn't care for Barbies, though, because they weren't huggable and had too many expensive accessories.

Despite all of that, though, she is typically very smiley and happy. She loves giving hugs out at random, and will only kiss me at random, on the cheek or on the mouth depending on the situation. I'm sure it would probably annoy some people, but I welcome it. In fact, whenever she wants a hug and kiss, she'll get one back from me no matter what. She also tends to be very playful and nostalgic, so she likes to do stuff she did when she was a kid, even play on playgrounds. She likes to sing because of that, too, usually random songs that pop into her head (maybe unless she doesn't like a certain song). Just before writing on this blog post, she started humming "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others" and singing "This Charming Man," both by The Smiths, because she listened to them on the way home from work. Because of this, she really likes to sing karaoke, and she's actually an incredible singer (no, I'm not being biased because she's my girlfriend).

Had we not met or been together, she probably wouldn't have been nearly as nerdy, considering her circle of friends before befriending me in Kindergarten. However, considering her behavior and her interests even at the time, she likely wouldn't have been friends with them for long, even if we'd never been together (she would've come my way eventually, it was bound to happen at one point or another). But had we not even been together, she would've had a much harder time getting through high school, because she was a very sensitive girl. She still is (which I love), but she was even more so when she was young. I guess her being with me helped her gain more self-confidence, not just because she felt loved, but also because I had a lot of self-confidence because of my cousin, which she then received from me.

Speaking of her mother, I can tell she was mostly influenced by her, since they act mostly the same, and her mother taught her a lot of what she knows, things like cooking, sewing and quilting. Her father, on the other hand, was also a sweet guy who took good care of my girlfriend, and he was a humorist. Just about every time I have seen him, he cracked a really good joke, whether on the fly, or told one he'd either heard before or made up earlier. So he actually kind of reminds me of my cousin, except he is a harder worker, and isn't nearly as much of a nerd, sex-lover, or independent personality otherwise.

Anyway, now my girlfriend is calling on me, wanting me to fuck her silly 'til the night's over come play a couple of board and card games with the family before going to bed in a while. I've been on here too long anyway, so time for me to get off.

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