Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Correlation Does Not Equal Causation

Case in point:


Just because a study says a majority of a selected minority of a part of a group did something, that does not necessarily make the original proposition true. If anyone were to find a part of the brain or body otherwise that made every single woman on the planet do everything this article is correlating to, and there were no variables due to their own minds telling them not to deviate from the norm, then you'd have a case, because then it would be proven by scientific fact. Since that's not the case, this shit can be thrown out the window.

Of course, the sad part is not only the fact that most everyone seems to be eating it up so far, but that this is all written by a woman herself. I seriously hope she isn't conforming herself into following these findings just because of the correlation, and if she doesn't follow any of it, then I hope even more so that she stops posting this bull shit on the site for essentially showing the findings as ridiculous to believe in the first place, because the site tends to be enjoyable otherwise.

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