Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Walking Dead

I have read the whole series so far, and overall, I've gotta say, it impressed me; it exceeded my expectations. It is one of the best Horror stories you may ever come across. It's a very realistic story, particularly when dealing with the characters.

. . . Except for one thing: the relationship between Andrea and Dale. It's certainly not a big enough deal to ruin the story, but it did make me cringe. Why? First off, the biggest reason is the fact that Andrea looks a Hell of a lot like I do. I wear a ponytail and have freckles like she does, and we even have some similar personality traits, except she's apparently straight, which is not the problem. The problem is the fact that she's with some old, fat man. Not that I don't like the guy, but I did cheer for the moment he died, because that meant their relationship, the only thing to criticize about the whole series thus far, was over. Until then, reading the comic and reading of their relationship literally made me feel nauseous, because I inevitably started having unpleasant thoughts of being with the old fart. Thankfully, my girlfriend was able to help with that any time that happened. Thanks again, sweetheart. ;)

Second, even if I can get past the nastiness of the whole thing, the relationship just wasn't all too believable. The only thing the author made any connection for them was that they both lost people that were important to them and didn't want to be alone, like that's the only criteria for a relationship to work. "I don't care if he's an old man who'll die a whole few decades before I do, and I don't care if he's gross, I just don't want to be alone! I'll be with anybody, no matter who!" Quite frankly, even forgetting the age difference and all of that, their personalities were really not much of a match. I didn't feel any sort of connection between them. It feels like the relationship was forced upon the readers by the author, and it was bad enough at certain points that I'd even facepalm at the severe lack of any true connection, especially because the author felt the need to explain the connection, which was a ridiculous one at that. Just your typical "I wanted an all-around nice guy" viewpoint. If that's the best he can come up with, then the relationship shouldn't have fucking happened, partly because he wasn't the only candidate. Why not Glenn? He was around during that time as well. Or why not make her wait longer to meet somebody? Anyway, ultimately, it felt like an awkward mess, which I'm glad was fixed with Dale's death. Now Andrea is almost with a new guy, and this time, I'm actually feeling a connection, and the guy's not old and gross, so no complaints about that.

That's my only gripe. Otherwise, this comic series is wonderful,mostly because of the character development, and the realism, particularly because no one is safe. Read far enough into the series and that will become quite apparent.

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