Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TV Show's Name Causes Controversy


And that controversy is over absolutely fucking nothing. Well, it's over something, but it's such a non problem that it's essentially not worth complaining about.

The controversy is over a new TV show called $#*! My Dad Says with Captain James T. Kirk. Er, I mean William Shitner. Oh, whoops! I said it! I said shit! SHIT SHITTY SHIT SHITTY SHIT SHIT!

Yes, that is the Parents Television Council is bitching about. The expletive in the title. It's already been censored, so I have to wonder why they want more shit done. The First Amendment of the Constitution was already broken when the title was censored like it was (unless that was the Producer's or whoever's choice), but now they want to take it further to protect the kiddies.

You know what, I watched a lot of R-rated movies with shitloads of cussing in them even before I was ten years old. I even got to see ninjas decapitate people and tear their hearts out with their bare hands. I turned out just fine. Why? Because of how my cousin handled it. That's ultimately the problem, if anything, is the lack of personal discipline on the parent's part. Instead, they blame TV, and ruin it for the majority of the populace who can handle the swearing and shit. In this case, the majority should not have to suffer for the minority's problem. Deal with the kid yourself, and he or she will be just fine.

Or here's another idea: don't watch the fucking show.


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