Friday, June 18, 2010

The Worst Blow to the Unemployed

This is such bull shit. Way to help solve the massive unemployment problem in this country, asswipes. Hell, this may be one of the reasons we have an unemployment problem in the first place. It's such a stupid judgment call on the employer's part. To automatically think that unemployed people are unemployed for performance reasons and not even consider a single one because of that is pretty fucking low. What they need to do is do backgrounds checks and not just assume shit. Maybe they quit because they were moving out of state. Maybe they were like me at Burger King and just had shitty management. Maybe they've never had a job and need the experience. After all, if managers expect experience, then how can they expect it if they don't give it?

But quite frankly, I'm not surprised. Employers make stupid bull shit judgment calls all of the time based on even the tiniest little things (yet another potential reason, whether big or small, for our unemployment problem). "Oh my God, he twitched his finger! That must mean he could easily crack at some point and kill a bunch of people!" Considering how bad our economy is and considering how not nice in general that is, that judgmental bull shit needs to stop. It's essentially discrimination and can be freedom-limiting, depending on the job applied for.

He's a good worker who's willing to do whatever it takes, but I'm not going to hire him because of his clothing style.

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