Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Neglected Mario Characters

I have been a reader of the comics on this site for at least eight years, if not, longer (but not by much). My cousin found it and showed it to me. She found it kind of funny, but I was laughing at just about everything. I thanked her a lot for finding it and asked if she could keep track of it for me, and she agreed. Ever since, I've been trying to keep up with everything that's been going on with the comic, but after a while, activity started to drop, eventually to the point where I stopped keeping track of the site in general. I even remember the very thing that made me want to stop keeping track, which was this update made on October 20th, 2007:

"Sorry, nothing really new. Just messing around with a few things. And I missed NC's 10th bithday (Sad emoticon). Anyway, take care."

There are a few reasons why that made me want to stop checking in on the site. First off, it was the first update that Jay Resop, the creator, made in about five months. In fact, he only posted four (yes, four) updates that whole year. Who does that? How can anyone be so busy that they can only just barely log on to type a couple of quick sentences only a few times a year? That just blows my mind. If he truly is that busy, he seriously should calm down a little on his workload and take a damn break. Either that or he's not being sarcastic about his laziness at all.


But that's not the only reason. He seemed to stop caring about his site and his comics in general. I mean, look at that. "And I missed NC's 10th birthday (Sad emoticon)." So, what, that's it? You aren't even going to make up for it? At all? Ever? I understand if you couldn't log on around that time or anything, but couldn't you have at least made a quick short or something? You know, something that doesn't take long to make? If you don't care that much about your own work like that, how do you expect anyone else to?

Honestly, I don't think it's ultimately that big of a deal, but for some odd reason, it just blows my mind, especially considering this: he is busy in college, so he has other people maintain, update, and even create comics on the site for him now, which is fine. However, considering he is apparently super busy, and judging by the looks of his posts on the forum, I have to wonder if here even keeps up with Mario games anymore. So considering he hasn't made any new comics for over two years and would likely have to keep up with Nintendo happenings, and also considering he may even have a different sense of humor now that he's a few years older and almost through college, the site may as well say goodbye to the old Neglected Characters, which it seems they kind of already have. I mean, I realize there's still a chance that Jay might create a new comic or even a new adventure some day in the future (at least a short one), but you've gotta admit, the chances are pretty slim.

And this does sadden me just a wee bit because I've kept track with this site for quite a while. I just checked back not too long ago after a couple of years and noticed a only a few changes, most of them being small ones, but the biggest one being the fact that Jay is not even technically running the site anymore (I'm sure he still has full control, though). I always thought the site was pretty funny and was an amusing escape. I don't remember much of the stories or jokes anymore, but they made some kind of impact...

At least for a while. Then I read a few again recently and honestly didn't laugh too much. There were a couple of cheap chuckles and a laugh after reading a couple of adventures and the deathmatch comics, but it's ultimately not satisfying reading the comics anymore anyway. I might try and read one of the Bill and Fred comics, since I remember one of those was one of my favorites in the site, but other than that, I'm not going to sit and read them again.

But I'll give credit where it's due. It's definitely one of the better sprite comics you'll find on the Internet, at least from what I've seen, and I'm sure part of the reason is because Jay was the first guy to do sprite comics like this, and afterward, since everyone else started doing it, seemed to have used the same style of humor and even the same damn jokes. So if you're going to check out just one sprite comic, choose this one.

Although now I'm sure some people will complain that, since Jay is no longer doing most of these comics, that they'll be worse in quality, that Jay's were better, and may dismiss the comic and not pay much attention to it anymore, which may lead to the actual death of Neglected Mario Characters. Considering Jay's position, I'm sorry to say, but that may be for the best, but here's to hoping the site at least reaches its fifteen year anniversary. And just know that, even though I don't find you all too funny anymore, you still made me smile. :)

P.S. My girlfriend's a fan, too, and she gave me the inspiration to check back in the first place.

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