Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Cousin is Getting Married!/We're Moving!

If you'll remember my last blog post about my cousin, I noted that she wanted to wait until Summer to get married to her girlfriend. Well, now it's Summer, so my cousin and her girlfriend are getting married soon. I can't wait to be a part of it. My cousin always knows how to make things fun and more relaxing, so I'm sure this wedding is going to be quite a time to remember. For instance, the biggest thing that's going to make the wedding more enjoyable is my cousin not following traditional practices when it comes to marriage, the couple's first dance at the reception being an exception. She wants to walk down the isle with her girlfriend, she doesn't want to wear anything fancy, she doesn't want to exchange rings (they're wearing rings and whatever they have planned to exchange), etc.

And since my girlfriend and I are having to go out to Iowa to the wedding, and since we were wanting to move there at some point, we decided to move there when we arrive to see my cousin's wedding. We're planning on staying at my cousin's until we can find our own place somewhere, and my cousin said we can stay as long as we like, because she's awesome like that.

We aren't going to say goodbye to very many people, though. Just our friends, maybe a couple of other people. This is because most of the relatives we know here are coming to my cousin's wedding, including my girlfriend's family. The time they all have to come back here is when we're going to say goodbye to them, and my girlfriend is already a bit upset over the fact that she won't get to see her parents as often any more. I gave her lots of hugs and kisses and told her that it was probably eventually and inevitably going to happen, and that I'd miss them, too, but at least we'd be together, and that we'd have at least someone else we know and love around. I'm sure she misses our company, too.

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