Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Top Ten Favorite Albums

It's about time that I talked about music in some way. What better way than to show off some of my favorite albums! I do have one rule I have set up for my list: only one album is allowed per band. I am doing this because a decent chunk of the list (probably most of the top half even) would be taken up by one band, the one that has the top spot on the list. Also, I am still looking for more music to listen to, so this list will very likely change. Either way, I guess you can get some kind of idea of my tastes in music, which, although it's obvious that I'm a Metalhead, I listen to more than just Metal, though my tastes don't normally stretch too far beyond the Rock genre, a band like Depeche Mode (though there are more) being an exception. And just before I get started, I just wanted to note that every album I list here, even as honorable mentions, has what I'd like to call a "perfect track record," which means that every song on the album is good (or at least decent), at least they are to me.



I had a hard time choosing between this album and another in the honorable mentions, which I'll point out to you later. But I chose this album because of it's uniqueness, since it seemed Sepultura started getting more experimental with their music with their album after their other masterpiece, which is also in the honorable mentions. It was kind of a risky move for them to experiment like they did, but boy did it fucking work well. It still maintained an extremely hardcore edge while being fresh. This definitely increased the replay value of the album. So check it out, you may get addicted to it.

Best song: "Arise"

Worst song: Not counting "C.I.U. (Criminals in Uniform)," probably "Meaningless Movements"


Live-Throwing Copper

Although I'd known about these guys for a long time, I actually didn't start listening to this album until I turned about fifteen years old. My girlfriend listened to it and told me how good it was. I was surprised to hear about how good it was, so I felt the need to check it out. Sure enough, although I didn't like a couple of songs initially, I thought it was awesome. Eventually, the songs I didn't like grew on me, so now it's one of my favorite albums because of that (yes, even the hidden track, "Horse," grew on me). Otherwise, it wouldn't even have been an honorable mention.

Best song: "White, Discussion"

Worst song: "Pillar of Davidson"


Dishwalla-Pet Your Friends

This is an album my girlfriend bought. We both figured it would be good, but neither of us thought that it would be as incredible as it is. Of course, if you've heard "Counting Blue Cars," you've heard one of the best songs on the album, but the rest is also amazing. An underrated classic in my eyes.

Best song: Tie: "Counting Blue Cars"/"Moisture"

Worst song: "The Feeder"


Slayer-Show No Mercy

As much as I love Slayer (at least their earlier stuff), there's only one album that I wanted to even consider putting on this list, and that's this one. I don't know why, but it just kicks so much fucking ass even though it's not as hardcore as their later work. A couple of songs get old fairly quick, but the ones that don't are almost as addictive as lesbian sex.

Best Song: Tie: "The Antichrist"/"The Final Command"

Worst song: "Crionics"



The first Death Metal album I listened to, and easily the best one so far. A lot of Death Metal albums I tend to listen to sacrifice good harmony and all that for technical proficiency, which isn't the worst trade off, but when you compare those albums with this album, which has both, I'd rather throw those fuckers away and just listen to this instead. Although I've listened to more crap in the Death Metal genre than good stuff, this album has always kept my hopes up that there's another great Death Metal band out there making good music. It's just too bad Death disbanded. R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner.

Best song: "See Through Dreams"

Worst Song: "Cosmic Sea"


Helloween-Walls of Jericho

Even as a standalone album, Walls of Jericho is already incredible, but the 1988 release, which includes the Helloween EP and the "Judas" single, makes the experience so much better that I increased the spot this album landed. An epic album made even more epic. Great decision on their part for sure. Because of that, I'd strongly suggest not getting just the original release. Get the expanded version. Seriously. You won't be disappointed.

Best song: "Judas"

Worst song: "Gorgar"


Metallica-Master of Puppets

You probably knew this was coming. As much as I dislike Metallica now, I just had to put this on the list anyway because it's such a fucking masterpiece of Metal music. In fact, this is, thankfully, the first Metal album I heard. I first heard it when I was little when my cousin showed it to me, and it blew my mind. It changed my perceptions of music forever, since I started listening to more hardcore stuff within the next few years, and helped lead me on the path to learning how to play guitar (though what ultimately got me into it is coming up on the list). Of course, I don't expect Metallica to ever play anything this great again, but it sucks that they'll likely never even get close. Fuckers.

Best song: "Disposable Heroes"

Worst song: "The Thing That Should Not Be"



Another album my girlfriend showed me. She showed this to me not long after we met, and didn't care for it too much at first, but it grew on me pretty fast. She played it a lot because she liked it so much, and, of course, would sing to the songs (or at least try to because the lyrics are so surreal).So cute. But besides that, I still treasure this album otherwise simply because it truly got me into Alternative Rock. After all these years, it's still the best Alt. Rock album I've ever heard, and I doubt it'll be beaten out.

Best song: Tie: "Moral Kiosk"/"Pilgrimage"

Worst Song: "We Walk"


Joe Satriani-Surfing With the Alien

This is the album that inspired me to start playing guitar.Every time I listen to this album, I'm still amazed and think, "Wow! Just fucking wow!" Or something along those lines. I mean, I'm amazing at playing the guitar now, but I still can't catch up with Joe Satriani, though I'm still determined. So he's obviously my favorite guitarist. Besides the proficiency, there is still incredible songwriting to go with it, so it just doubles the amazingness of the album.

Best song: "Lords of Karma"

Worst song: There is no worst song.



Yes, I'm dead serious. I really do think that Rush's Signals album is the greatest album I've ever heard. I'm sure I'll be getting a lot of backlash on that, particularly from Rush fans, but I can't help but pick an album in which I feel every song on the album is a masterpiece of music. Every single track. To be fair, I had a hard time picking which Rush album I'd feature, but I ultimately think this is the best one. I can't explain why, but even the very weakest point of the whole album is simply fucking amazing. Of course, not an odd fact, but this is my girlfriend's favorite album as well. We love listening to it together, still quite often for almost as long as we've been together.

Best song: "Digital Man"

Worst song: Again, there is no worst song.

Honorable Mentions

Onslaught-Power From Hell

Before buying this album, I figured it would kick a lot of ass. I didn't expect that it would kick as much ass as it did, though. The only reason it's not on the list, though, is because the songs tend to get repetitive. Not too bad, but enough to be bothersome sometimes, particularly "Lord of Evil."

Best song: "Witch Hunt"

Worst song: Tie: "The Devil's Legion (Both Parts)"/"Lord of Evil"

Metallica-Kill 'Em All

I almost didn't even put this one in the honorable mentions section, but I figured I would, partly because I wanted one other Metallica album in it. I didn't want Ride the Lightning in it because of "Fade to Black" (overrated piece of shit song), and the worst song on this album is okay enough. So here's the second best old Metallica album in my eyes.

Best song: Tie: "Metal Militia"/"No Remorse"

Worst song: "Jump in the Fire"


Like Murmur, I initially didn't care for this one much, either, but did get a lot better after more listenings. The best song on this album is better than the best song on Murmur, but the worst song on this album is worse than the worst song on Murmur, so this one is the honorable mention, but it's almost as incredible as Murmur.

. . . Murmur.

Best song: "7 Chinese Bros."

Worst song: "Camera"

Ronnie Montrose-The Speed of Sound

I actually discovered this one through Pandora radio a couple of years ago. I heard the best song on the album, thought, "Holy shit, this is one of the most fucking epic songs ever!" and just had to check the rest of the album out. Of course, the rest of the album couldn't match up to that song, but it was still a great listen.

Best song: "Mach 1"

Worst song: "Monolith"

Rush-Grace Under Pressure

I thought this album wouldn't be anything too special before listening to it, since I figured Rush definitely would've gone downhill after their epic masterpiece, Signals. Sure enough, they didn't get much worse! I didn't love it at first, but after three listenings, I was real into it. The worst song on the album took a pretty decent amount of getting used to, though.

Best song: "Kid Gloves"

Worst song: "Red Lenses"

Rush-Moving Pictures

I almost chose this one over Signals, but there was a big reason I chose Signals instead. This album had two extremely popular songs: "Tom Sawyer" and "Limelight." Don't get me wrong, they're good songs, but I'm utterly sick of hearing them, and I always skip them while listening to this album. Otherwise, this album is wonderful.

Best song: "Red Barchetta"

Worst song: "Limelight" (for the people who like that song, check this album out, because everything else on it is better)

Rush-Power Windows

Although I've always liked this album, it took me about a year to consider it one of my absolute favorite Rush albums. I can't tell you why, but I assure you, the change in style of music does not make this album worse than most Rush fans would probably make it seem. The songwriting is still epic as ever on this album, so I definitely recommend at least checking it out.

Best song: "Emotion Detector"

Worst song: "Mystic Rhythms"

Rush-Vapor Trails

I initially didn't care much for this one, but like, heh, Murmur, it grew on me. It took a lot longer than Murmur did, though. More than half a year if what it took for me to like at least a majority of the songs on the album. It's especially shocking considering this is one of their more recent albums, back in 2002. I thought Rush's creative juices had mostly run out after hearing their Godawful Test For Echo album (their worst album). But now, because of this album, I still have high hopes for Rush.

Best song: "Earthshine"

Worst song: "Ghost Rider"

Sepultura-Beneath the Remains

I almost chose this album over Arise, but I chose Arise because, after listening to this album for a while, may start to seem like it's sounding the same. I'd still greatly recommend listening to this album, but I'd suggest listening to it in small doses so your brain doesn't rot.

Best song: Tie: "Mass Hypnosis"/"Inner Self"

Worst song: Can't decide

Stone Temple Pilots-Core

I'm not a fan of STP, but I do love this album. This is the only album they've ever released that I've really liked, at least that I've listened to, but it'll probably always be the case. I wouldn't have even listened to it had my cousin not shown it to me, but I'm glad that she showed it to me, because otherwise I'd just completely dislike STP . . . which I still kind of do, but I have no hopes for them anymore. Still, this one's great.

Best song: Tie: "Sin"/"Piece of Pie"

Worst song: "Dead & Bloated"

Testament-The Legacy

This is the album that almost made the list. I consider some of the riffs on this album more badass than the ones on Arise (in fact, this album has some of the most badass riffs I've ever heard), but the song quality otherwise was a little worse, since certain parts of some songs were kind of generic.I still consider it a classic Thrash Metal album, though.

Best song: "First Strike is Deadly"

Worst song: "Apocalyptic City"


So there we go. All of my favorite albums, which is a list that's subject to change. Of course, there are more albums that I really like, but these are the ones that are on my top tier. I think I'll do a list with my favorite songs soon. Maybe. Stay tuned for that.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm in a Relationship

This post is somewhat inspired by a person commenting on one of my posts, which I'm glad somebody finally noticed my blog and everything, but just for future reference for anyone out there (not just the person posting, anyone, for that matter), I'm posting something my girlfriend said in my comments section recently so everyone can see:

"I cant tell whether you were hitting on my girlfriend or not at first, but this goes for anyone else who wants to in the future. Shes a lesbian who has been taken since she was five and always will be taken. Im not mad or anything. I just wanted to point that stuff out."

Seriously, it even says in my "About Me" section that I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend ever since Kindergarten, which has been a very long time. I won't say how long exactly, but it's been far over a decade. It'll keep going that way. We rarely get into arguments, we've never broken up or even thought about that possibility, and it's not going to happen. Even so, and this is just for the guys out there, even if we did break up, remember this extremely important fact: I AM A LESBIAN! See this post for reference of just how much of a lesbian I am:

That means, guys, that you have no chance in Hell of ever being with me. Ever.

Even so, strangers over the Internet have an even smaller chance. I'm more likely going to be with someone I know in real life. If I wanted to get out there and date someone over the Internet, I would more likely go to a dating site. But again, that's not going to happen because I plan on marrying my girlfriend. Hopefully soon, but we will just whenever we can.

Like my girlfriend, I'm not mad, either, but I wanted to point this all out to people who even want to consider hitting on me in any way so you don't waste your time. If it happens again, I'll either link you to this post, or I'll ignore you, maybe even delete your post if it's causing too much of a cluster-fuck in the comments section. I'm sorry if I sound like a bitch talking about this subject, but I get this shit in real life as well. There have even been some morons that have still hit on me even if I told them that I'm a lesbian.

None of this means that we can't talk or you can't read my blog or anything, it's just a reference for people who obviously, for whatever reason, haven't read my blog enough or at least my "About Me" section.