Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I wanted to talk about prom because of this:

Reading that story got me reminiscing on my past experiences with the prom. To be honest, I've only been to one prom, and that was during my senior year. Of course, I went with my girlfriend, and we actually had a decent time. We didn't even care to dress nice or anything, we just went with all of our friends at the time to have fun. My girlfriend and I even got our pictures taken while we kissed. I was surprised that they let us do that. And most of all, nothing bad happened like with this girl in the news story. That's something we thought could happen, but nothing did, thankfully.

Otherwise, during prom time, we would just gather at one of our places and we'd have some kind of movie/TV show marathon, game night or something like that. Either way, we had lots of snacks provided. It was the ultimate night for a nerd hangout. Prom night wasn't the only night we did this, but it was usually the most anticipated night because that meant we had a better excuse to stay up later than usual (at least during the school year), thus we could do more stuffs. Nowadays, we just do stuff like that whenever we can or like. Well, we did even the year we actually went to prom later on that night. We went to where my cousin and I lived and had a ball just doing whatever we felt like.

As for the news story, it's ridiculous that a school will cancel a whole fucking prom just so a lesbian can't go. Just not allowing her to go would've been bad as well, but what they did was far worse because the meant nobody was able to have fun because of some bigoted assholes. But that's not apparently what everyone thinks. Just read what this asshole said in the comments section:

"It's sad that one person can ruin it for everyone. A minority of one telling a majority what can and can not be done. Like prayer before a sporting event - one complains and it's no longer allowed. Thank you ACLU (Americans Criminals Lovers Unions) for destroying this great nation."

He doesn't understand that it was the school that ultimately caused all of this trouble for canceling the prom in the first place, not the lesbian for just wanting to go and have a good time in her own way that essentially wouldn't hurt anyone. Besides that point, he complains about minorities complaining to the majority. What's moronic about this is that he doesn't seem to care about minority's rights one bit. That's not what a free nation does is forget about the minority. If anything, a free nation needs to concern minority rights if it wants to be as free as possible. Also, it's a Communist viewpoint because he's talking about the greater good, hence the majority rules over what the minority wants. This is ironic, because I can tell that he's a Conservative for that last sentence ripping on the ACLU. Conservatives typically bash the ACLU (some of their actions can be questionable, but they're ultimately a good organization that typically stands for the right things), and he even claims that they're destroying "this great nation." To be honest, although I'd rather live here than most places, this country still sucks shit in quite a few areas, including LGBT rights, and it's partly because of right-wingers like this asswipe. Of course, I don't mean all right-wingers (my history teacher in college is a smart Conservative, for example), I just mean dipshits like this guy, the people who consistently watch and, more importantly, the people on the propaganda machine known as Faux News, and the Teabaggers movement going on now, just to name a couple of prominent examples. I swear, I know there are bad left-wingers as well, but I rarely ever see them hold a candle to the ridiculousness of a bad right-winger.

Anyway, I guess the last thing I want to discuss is the idea of the school prom itself. I am all for teens getting together to have a good time with dancing and stuff like that. What I'm against is the schools using taxpayer money for that idea to hold it themselves. If anything, that should be an independently held event, whether at the school or not. All it really does is waste more school money on prom instead of learning material and causes a lot of kids to go batshit insane and influences them to neglect any studies (if they have any, which we didn't, but still), which admittedly could be stopped by parental intervention, but still causes problems even for the ones that do because it's not a guaranteed working strategy simply because of the social influence by the other kids at school. That and they may be too late in being able to help anyway. Although schools typically spend money on worthless crap, the prom is probably the most useless thing that money is wasted on, but not by much.

Despite my viewpoint on proms, I still did enjoy myself at the one I went to. The thing is that it got boring after about an hour. I have a hard time seeing how the people who go to the prom can stay for so damn long and keep enjoying themselves. Personally, and this is with my girlfriend as well, I can only take that kind of thing (particularly dancing because I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't like to dance) for only so long before I get bored out of my fucking mind. It was the same way with most of my friends in the group, which is why we decided to leave for my place to play games and stuff.

And even though I did enjoy myself, I still think we shouldn't have proms sponsored by the schools. It's a big fucking waste of time and money that we can absolutely do without. However, while we still have them, we should give anybody who wants to go the right to go. Well, unless the school was flooded with pools of acid around that time, but unless something bad like that happens, don't fucking cancel prom just because somebody you don't like wants to go. It's unbelievably immature, though I guess that's nothing new with a school board.

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