Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Gay Agenda

For those who don't know, the Gay Agenda is a conspiracy theory started by Conservative Christians (particularly the Family Research Council) that makes the claim that media is manipulating the public to become more accepting of homosexuals. I've heard more extreme versions of the viewpoint saying that the government (or whoever) is sending guns/weapons to the homes of LGBT people in an effort to start some kind of revolution or something.

When it comes to conspiracy theories, I've heard crazy shit, stupid shit, plausible, yet unprovable shit, and some proven to be true shit, like Project MKULTRA. However, what I usually hear is a mixture of all three of the former, which is generally why I don't try to follow conspiracy theories/theorists, at least not too much. In fact, theorists have consistently almost as bad Conservatives/Christians when it comes to arguing prowess, at least whenever I argue with them. It's not like some of the things they talk about can't be defended well, at least in some cases, but it's really just that they've typically sucked at defending their positions very well, and even if they do site sources, they tend to be flawed in one way or another. So for anyone encountering a conspiracy theorist, be nice to them (especially in face to face encounters), but be careful in trusting everything they say.

Like many conspiracy theories, this one is propaganda meant to scare people, but unlike the other ones, this one can easily be seen by rational and logical human beings as completely fucking moronic. In fact, I'd have to say that this is one of the most ridiculous conspiracies I've ever heard in my life.

I'm a lesbian. I qualify for having weapons sent to my house so I can start a revolution. So where are they? I've received nothing, though I guess I can't prove it just by saying they haven't come, so to attempt to prove otherwise . . . you know what, where the fuck did they get that idea in the first place? You know they just made it up, but imagine they wanted to prove it. What lengths would they go to do prove their case? They do, after all, have the burden of proof thrust upon them. You'd practically have to see the weapons in the mailbox, their homes, the packaging going through the mail, etc. to prove it. You also have to take into account the post offices and their employees. You'd have to have a lot of people who trust you and know what's going on. Remember, just because they work for the government doesn't mean that the government controls everything about them and what they do directly, especially off the job, and especially not every single employee. That's just too much to swallow.

On the other side of the conspiracy, we have just the general acceptance thing, which, although is more believable than the other part of the conspiracy, it's still not really an issue, quite frankly. Of course Conservative Christians are going to say something bad about LGBT people. They have a track record of doing so. What else is new? Why believe them anyway considering this? It's more believable to think that this is all biased towards an actual agenda to make sure gays either don't obtain or even lose rights that they should have. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to be working well, because most people don't believe this bull shit. For those who do . . . grow the fuck up.

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