Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why I (Apparently) Don't Understand Video Games

Psychologists have done it once again, and what I mean by "it" is that they once again used a completely illogical method of doing experiments and research.

In particular, I'm attacking this bit here: "His research shows that video games stimulate the parts of men that so many other activities just cannot reach: the need to conquer, stomp on, dominate, crush, destroy, maim, annihilate, and turn to ashes and dust.

Women, apparently, understand video games, but their neurology doesn't house the same desire to conquer, stomp on, etc., etc."

As a woman who has played video games ever since she was four years old, who is in a relationship with another woman who has been playing video games since she was five years old, has a cousin who has played video games ever since she was four years old, and has had many female friends who've played games since before they were ten years old, I can easily say that this is complete, one hundred percent bull shit.

This is a big reason why Psychologists need to take a look into Sociological studies. Often I see Psychologists trying to find Psychological or Biological reasons why men and women have different personalities. If they even take ten minutes to study what Sociology has found out about Gender Roles, they wouldn't study shit like this, or say shit like this, or even slightly consider shit like this, because it's Gender Roles, which are taught and learned behaviors (and that's been proven time and time again), not neural impulses or testosterone or estrogen, that shape the way each sex acts. Otherwise, if all men and women were the same, there would be no such thing as a tomboy like my cousin or myself. Just in that last sentence, I debunked this (as well as many other) article's findings, but sadly, some people still ignore logic like that. I have no idea why. Maybe somebody should do a study on that. Maybe it's because a lot of people don't like to admit when they're wrong.

But it's not just a gender roles thing, and the true reason most women don't play video games has already been highlighted by another blog post of mine that I made not too long ago. What I posted there is really as simple as that, and doesn't really need to be studied, just at least thought out logically, but it seems the people doing this study seemed to not want to think of alternative reasons and just say, "No, this is the one reason and that's that." If anyone had to do any sort of study on this, though, they should poll a lot of women on why they don't play video games. Even that may not help a lot, but it's still a lot better than shitty studies like this. It's ultimately judgmental to just assume things even based on studies (flawed or not) without taking in various other factors, or even just talking to the people you're talking about in your study, asking them why they do things, say things, and feel things.

And you know what, not every game is violent. I mean, sure, some of the more fun ones happen to be violent, and I love shooting dinosaurs and playing a specter ninja beating the shit out of people, but a game like Tetris or The Sims does not qualify as violent, and plenty of men and women play those games as well. Games can be fun regardless, simple as that.

I could say more, but the last comment in the comment section said well enough what I was going to say anyway, and at the moment, I'm feeling like playing Destruction Derby 64 or making out with my girlfriend or something, so just go and read that.

Speaking of comments, though, I must say that, although I only looked at the first page of the comments, the comment section seems to be devoid of intelligence, understanding, simple logic and common sense, except for the last two comments. Just read them and you'll see.

Now excuse me while I go play Destruction Derby 64 while I'm making out with my girlfriend.

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