Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Time I Almost Went to a WWE Raw Show

Well, technically, it was still the WWF back when it happened (before the other WWF sued WWF for the name WWF), but that's when the corporation was doing better anyway; the Attitude Era. That was around the time it was not only at it's most popular point, but arguably even at it's best ever otherwise. Considering this, and the fact that I was a big fan at the time (with thanks to my cousin), I was extremely excited to learn that WWF was coming to the city nearest me for a Raw taping. I wasn't quite “can't keep my feet on the ground” excited, but I really wanted to go see some asses getting kicked. Even seeing the heels had me excited.

Yes, even seeing Triple H had me excited.

What made my excitement jump up further was that my cousin said she was possibly going to bring me with her to the show. She and the girlfriend she had at the time were wanting to go, and she was hoping that she'd have enough money to take me with her. My girlfriend didn't mind watching wrestling, either, but she didn't care as much as I did. If anything, she encouraged me to go with or without her, so I didn't feel bad about going without her after she told me that. Anyway, there was still a possibility that I wouldn't get to go. That didn't bother me much at the time because I knew my cousin would try either way. I also learned that a few people I knew from school said they were going to see the show as well, including a close friend of mine at the time from the next grade up.

A couple of my schoolmates ended up not being able to get tickets (tickets sold out), but my cousin, her girlfriend, and my good friend got to go. However, my cousin was unable to get me a ticket, and I couldn't get one any other way. My parents certainly weren't going to help, considering they thought it was bad enough that my cousin let me watch wrestling in the first place. So I ultimately wasn't able to go to the show, but I was kind of close. Disappointing for me, but I got to see the whole show on TV, which was unusual since I normally had to go to bed before the show was over. I even recorded it on VHS. After viewing said VHS tape a few times, I was barely able to spot my cousin in the audience, since she could only be seen for a very brief moment and was small on screen. That means I was almost on TV, too. . .

As for the show itself, it actually turned out to be worse than it usually was. For starters, most of the big stars/my personal favorites either weren't there or just gave promos instead of wrestled a match. For example, Stone Cold Steve Austin was, according to my cousin, actually there. She saw him, but he wasn't on the show other than a clip. Also, my favorite wrestler, the Undertaker, only gave a promo, not even in the ring. If I were there, I would've wanted to see him wrestle the most. The only part of the show that was decent was the match that had The Rock facing somebody (can't remember who). Other than that, the show was kind of a stinker, so, really, I didn't miss too much.

Indeed the only thing cooking that night.

My cousin said it was more fun being there than watching it on TV, though. She at least got to see her favorite wrestler, Chyna. I'll admit, I would've loved to see Chyna wrestle as well, regardless of whether the match was good, but at the time, I didn't think too much of her, probably because she was a heel at the time.

But alas, that was the only time within the Attitude Era that the WWF came around. After that, I lost interest for a while, found it again, and now, in some way, I'm losing it again. I still watch wrestling, but not nearly as often as I used to. If anything, I watch for certain wrestlers, or I just watch TNA. Hell, sometimes I even watch independent promotions. But I'm glad that Sheamus won the WWE Championship, because I'm sick of seeing John Cena's smugly ass face next to that Goddamn belt. Er, I mean, I'm tired of seeing him in the spotlight constantly.

Yes, I can see you, and the sight's not pretty.

I could write a whole new post about the problems that WWE has now, but I at least wanted to discuss how I almost got a see a mediocre show during it's greatest time period. Hell, WWE's so bad now that most of the time my girlfriend and I try to watch nowadays, we're usually either throwing popcorn at the TV (not for dickweeds like John Cena and Randy Orton, for how bad the show is), or just change the channel.

The only redeeming part of the show.

Actually, I'll mention one thing about a particular showing: I literally threw a book at the TV once during a show because Al Sharpton was guest hosting, which was a stupid move by the company. That wasn't why, though. There were advertisements going on every now and then during the show (endorsed by Al Sharpton, of course) that advertised something to do with blacks (can't remember what exactly) being the last civil rights hurdle in the country or something like that. Total bull shit considering I can't fucking marry in most states. That's a much larger civil rights hurdle right there. I changed the channel after seeing it appear a couple of times.

One thing that doesn't come to mind when you think of wrestling.

But would I go to a showing nowadays? Probably not, maybe unless there was something really promising. Or if the Undertaker is showing up to fight this time, and at that point, I wouldn't care who he'd face or how bad the match turned out to be.

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