Sunday, December 20, 2009

Atheists are the Most Hated Minority

The title is not just stating something that I feel, since I would've felt that, in our current society, it would be another group that I fit in: the LBGT community. Either that or immigrants and Muslims. However, that is, somewhat surprisingly, not the case.

Seriously, if a family is kicked out of their home by a landlord just because they're atheist, then that is going pretty fucking far. Hell, considering I'm an Agnostic Atheist, that's pretty scary to me (though not as scary as the guy who had shit thrown at his house and death threats shouted out to him). It's hard to see how they were allowed to do this, though, considering the first amendment. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," is what it says. That means that being an Atheist shouldn't have a bearing on anything whatsoever. That also means that you can't control people with religion or based on religion whatsoever, either. So why is this allowed to happen?

One of the articles also mentioned several states not allowing you to become a state official unless you believe in a supreme being. However, I have found a video that states that kind of law is overruled by another:

That makes me wonder why the law is still in the books. It's practically useless.

The third article I posted asks, "Why the fear, why the hatred?" My answer is brainwashing. They're using the "Us Vs. Them," technique, which is probably one of the most effective brainwashing techniques out there, hence there are even football fans of different teams who get into pretty bad fights. Basically, higher up Christians (priests and the like), and the Bible itself, all talk bad about Atheists. I've even heard people call Atheists "evil" and "satanic." All without any sort of understanding. As an Agnostic Atheist, I can assure you whatever they tell you about Atheists is more than likely not to be true, going as far as stereotyping and even outright lying (hypocritically breaking one of their own ten commandments). In fact, if anything there's more evidence that Atheists are smart than Theists (, and that the more secular a society, the more prosperous it is ( Among other things.

In fact, did you know that a society is typically more religious than another if there are more churches? That's what causes religion to grow, after all. However, I cannot find proof online for this, but I read an article/study in my Sociology book about it. Speaking of books, here's another little thing I've noticed: whenever I ask Atheists, Agnostics, Deists, etc. why they converted from being a Christian (or whatever religion they had) to whatever they are now, they would typically answer (something along the lines of), "I read the Bible/Qu'ran/etc." That's kind of my story, too. I was a Deist for a very short period of time before I decided to read the Bible, just because I wanted to see how people were justifying their behaviors, since it seemed hypocritical to me that they said the Bible preaches good moral deeds, but people did bad moral deeds (like those kids who beat my girlfriend I at school) based on what the Bible said. So I read it. Not the whole thing, but I would flip through all of the chapters, searching for things that the Bible was saying that would catch my eye. Boy did I find some of the most evil stuff I've ever read in a book. Slavery, rape, cannibalism, killing children, ritual sacrifice, etc. All are approved of in the Bible. I never would've believed it had I not read it, but it's all in there. I dare anyone to go see it for themselves.

Considering how Christians are treating Atheists in this country...or, actually just about anyone, really, I can see how an Atheist society could easily be more peaceful. Considering I'm an Agnostic Atheist, a lesbian, a metalhead (they might think I'm satanic based on that), a Feminist (who truly supports gender equality as opposed to just women taking over or soemthing like that), and a ginger (I've heard some paranoid people consider gingers witches), I'm sure Christians would have a field day with me, hence is why my girlfriend and I were beaten up at school a few years ago. I can also easily say that I feel the Atheist's pain. This is yet another hurlde to pass, and I fear it actually may take longer and ultimately be harder to pass than homosexual equality and even racial equality, because religion in general, throughout history, has been, by far, the largest source of discrimination.

P.S. I've looked for over an hour to find evidence for that last claim I made, but, you know what, I shouldn't have to find it anyway. If you think about it enough, it should be completely obvious.

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