Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Man Fired Over Religious Button

First off, I just want to note how ridiculous it is that some news sites have somewhat misleading headlines, just like with the robber who stopped robbing because a lady got him to pray. The title of that one went something like, "Prayer Stops Criminal." After reading the article, you figure out what really happens, and it's not nearly as much of a miracle as the headline makes it out to be. But even more, I hate how more Conservative (or otherwise Christian) news sites are likely going to blow this situation way out of proportion, or try to use it as evidence/proof of something, when it really proves nothing, and if you read my response, you'll see why.

Basically, a guy was fired over a button he wore that said, "One nation, under God." He also brought a Bible to read during his lunch breaks. There's really nothing wrong. . . well, I personally have a problem with the phrase, since it's only considering our nation as being the one God concentrates on instead of the whole world. That's why I also don't like the phrase "God bless America." Otherwise, it's not harming, and I can see complaints about being fired over it.

However, Home Depot mentioned something about only wearing company-approved buttons. If that's actually in their rule book or whatever (and I can imagine it was in there so people wouldn't wear buttons saying things like, "Fuck You," or various other offensive sayings), then I can see why he was at least warned. In fact, he was offered another button, a more neutral one that said, "United we stand," since the guy said he felt that they were getting worked up over him just showing his love for his country. That point of view is fine, and wearing that button would avoid any more problems. However, the guy apparently had a problem wearing that button for whatever reason he had (he denied wearing it). So really, if he was wearing that other button because he wanted to show that he loved his country, he would've taken that other button no problem, because that one does as well. Since he didn't, that proves that's not his real motive (I don't care what he says). Hell, even the civil rights guy in the article said that he'd have a hard time winning the case, partly because of what I mentioned above. I seriously hope he does, not because he's religious or anything like that, but because he's a moron for contradicting himself.

I'm sure that Conservatives/Christians are still going to completely ignore any of that extremely important info and sympathize with the guy, though.

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