Sunday, October 4, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness

Okay, we're aware of that it exists. Enough with this ridiculous advertising. I swear, it's everywhere you fucking go. First, my girlfriend and I went to Dairy Queen and saw it there. Then we went to several local stores and saw them there. Then we both went to work and saw them there, too. What's with this obsessive breast cancer awareness? Wait, maybe it's because people want to save the boobies. Oh no! Lord knows what would happen if we lost boobies!

Of course, my girlfriend and I love boobs (my girlfriend's boobs are huge :D), and I don't mind saving them if they're in trouble, but here's what confuses me: why not cover every type of cancer out there and not just breast cancer? Breast cancer isn't even the most common type of cancer; skin cancer is, then lung and prostate cancer. I'm not even saying just cover the most common ones, though; cover all of them. Just try and find a general cure for cancer.

Also, I have a big problem with the fact that, not only is every company on the planet advertising about it, but they are constantly coloring everything pink in relation to this project. Why pink? "Der, 'cause girls like pink, der!" There's your typical sexist response. Not all girls like pink. I fucking hate pink. My girlfriend doesn't care for it, either, but she does love purple. In fact, there's only one girl that I've ever known who really liked pink, and I haven't seen her in a long time. If anything, I actually have a male friend who likes pink. It's not his favorite color, but he likes it nonetheless. No, he's not gay, or even bisexual. That's ridiculous.

This next point goes for all charities in general. If you want to donate to a charity, why donate so little of the money you make off of your products? I understand not all of it can go to the charity, but it's always something really small, like ten percent. I've even seen one as low as five, which is horrible. I know most companies that are doing this (which are usually the ones that advertise the most, thus are the biggest brands) have enough money going around as is, so why not donate more and spend less money on useless shit, like more advertising?

Also, has anyone else noticed how most companies went from spending charity money on AIDS to breast cancer? I remember a few years ago, AIDS charities, although not everywhere, were widespread enough to the point where everyone knew about them. Now we've shifted almost completely away from AIDS to try and tackle a subject not quite as dangerous or widespread. That and we didn't fucking find a cure for AIDS, damn it. Well, actually, I think I heard we might have recently, but it wasn't quite thanks to company charity, because this came long after that.

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