Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Women's Underwear in Stores

I was in shitty fucking god damn stupid as Hell Wall-Mart with my girlfriend yesterday. Not long after I walked in, I saw the clothing section. What did I see? The women's underwear out front. Normally, I'd figure, "Okay, that's stupid, but if the men's underwear is out front as well, then I won't think about it much." Sure enough, as I walk through the store, I see the men's underwear in the middle, where it's not nearly as easy to see as the women's underwear.

This is certainly not the first time I've seen this. I was at Target a few days before that as well and noticed the very same thing. I've also seen this in various department stores, although some of them put the men's underwear out front as well (yuck!). However, while I was at Target specifically, I noticed a bunch of signs around the girl's clothing section with girls in somewhat sexy poses. Even the preteens! Yeah, go ahead and shake your ass at the camera and bring on the predators, baby!

Anyway, let me ask men yet another question: Wouldn't you find it embarrassing having to fucking grab your underwear right where everyone can see what you're grabbing for?

And here's my question for companies: Why do most of you put only women's underwear out front right where everyone can see it?

And Target, why are you showing sexually suggestive pictures of girls in their preteens? Are the leaders of Target pedophiles, or is it a careless woman who thinks it's cute, but doesn't see what men see? Let me tell you, ladies, that you might want to think twice about putting you daughter in those short shorts. You may not think much of it, but men do.

Anyway, not a long post, just something that I felt needed to get out there.

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