Sunday, September 20, 2009

Taxing Soda

I've been mixed about Obama and his policies, but this new idea of his about putting a "sin tax" on soda is just plain fucking stupid. The strange thing is that I keep reading a bunch of articles about how it's such a good idea. I beg to differ.

1. Haven't we already increased taxes on things like cigarettes and alcohol before? Has that ever worked? Doesn't anyone learn from history's mistakes anymore?

2. If you're targeting obesity, why not tax everything that could be it's cause and not just soda? I know soda's apparently "not good for you," but neither is fast food, chips, just about anything made in a bakery or made with bread, artificial food items, and even certain fruits and vegetables, or at least eating them too much without eating much else. That makes just about all of the food on the market "dangerous" to our health.

Besides that point, why does everybody have to be skinny? It may be hurting people's bodies to be too big, but fat people aren't hurting skinny people, are they? They're not hurting the environment just by being fat, are they? Ultimately, it's their choice, just like the people who buy cigarettes and alcohol. Cigarettes and alcohol, though, are more dangerous than the so called "bad foods." They both can destroy the environment and harm the consumer (both even more than soda) as well as other people. Soda only has potential harm to the person consuming it, while cigarettes and alcohol are capable of damaging everyone. And remember, putting extra taxes on those items didn't work. Do you honestly think it will for soda, especially considering it's not as dangerous?

3. Did you know that the most advertised products on the market are the ones that are bought the most? It's obvious to figure that out, but think about this for a second: who advertises their products and businesses most when it comes to food? If anything, I'd do something about that instead. It may not be some incredible idea that'll work 100% (nothing would completely work, really), but even that would do better than a soda tax. It'd cure a lot of useless spending by the companies making those advertisements in the process (we already know that McDonald's exists), so we'd be making some kind of progress, anyway.

4. We're still in a fucking recession, and you want to increase taxes on something!?

5. I will admit that Obama's smart enough to request a drop in healthy food's prices, considering that was another reason junk food was prevelant: it's cheaper. That would work, if anything. But then don't put taxes on junk food. The price drop in health food should actually be enough. That's a much smarter idea than going after junk foods. Instead of incentive for getting away from junk food, give and incentive that encourages health food. In fact, encourage a balance of both, really, because it's been proven that every now and then, having junk food, then going back to health food, satisfies cravings. You need a mix, or else it likely won't work.

6. For people wanting to lose weight, the best way is actually to exercise. In fact, the bigger you are, the easier it is for you to lose more weight if you exercise. My girlfriend and I exercise together somewhat often, we still eat junk foods and drink pop, and we're still very healthy.

However, if you're having a hard time exercising, then you should probably figure out what's wrong with your routine. Some people, like me, can't lift things that are real heavy too often, or even run, or else our joints start to hurt (because I have arthritis), but there are other things you can do. My girlfriend and I usually go swimming and walking together. However, you don't want to do the former too much. Read the "Risks" section of this article for more details:

Not all of that information is relevant to swimming exercise, but some of it is.


Now, I may come up with more points if I can even remember if I had any more in the first place, but this'll do for now. I felt it needed to be said, even though nobody is reading my blog except for my girlfriend. I doubt people would pay attention to me anyway. People would probably call me a liar, a stupid ginger, a dumb lesbo, a radical feminist, an evil liberal, and a Satanist who practices witchcraft, because, you know, I listen to Metal. Out of all of those, I'm a ginger lesbian Metalhead, but other than that, the rest is obviously bullshit. :P

I'm really an individualist hoping for the freedom that America is supposed to have, and yet doesn't have. Censorship, senseless conformity, unequal rights (particularly for gays and lesbians nowadays), favoritism in the job market and in schools, too much concentration and importance on work ("I don't care if you're sick with something that could easily infect everyone here, you're still coming to work."), etc.

Anyway, I should close off this post now. I've babbled on longer than I probabbly should have, but it was fun.

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