Sunday, September 27, 2009

More School Hours

Obama's at it again, and once again, people are loving this ridiculous idea, which is even worse than his idea of taxing soda. This time, he wants to add more hours into the school system, as if kids weren't busy enough. I've heard some schools are already making it mandatory that your child has to be in at least one kind of extracurricular, like sports or band. It's not like those help educate a child in the first place, but that's already there, and considering that, why add more school hours? You want the child to live at school? You want the child to see it's family in as little time as possible? I've even heard something about the child being "safer at school." That's such major bullshit that you couldn't shit out a turd huge enough to match the size of that bullshit. Yes, let's leave your kids around the bullies and the brainwashing class sessions longer. That works. Besides, although sometimes the teachers don't have enough time to finish stuff, more often they have plenty of time as is, at least if you concentrate on stuff that actually educates kids instead of concentrating on stuff like, "Did you know the pufferfish is part of this and that species and eats blah blah blah, etc.?" That's not educating a child, that's just random shit nobody's going to remember once they get out of school. Schools are not the Discovery Channel.

Obama is doing this to try and get kids more educated. He obviously doesn't see that school hours are not the problem at all. I already stated some problems above, but remember when I ranted about the grade system? Keep what I said in mind there as well. That's just one of the many thing we could go after to improve education. Like how about doing something about the school system's largest cancerous tumor: homework. Teachers give it out without even thinking of the consequences nowadays. Sometimes they give out way too fucking much, and I have to think, "Do you realize that there are several other teachers giving me homework, too? Do you not realize that this will take me until three in the morning to finish?" In fact, I'm going to tell you something interesting: my third grade teacher gave out no homework. That's right, absolutely no homework whatsoever the entire school year. Do you know what happened? I'm sure you're thinking that I didn't learn much, but I learned more in that class than any other year. In the later years, of course, I had more homework. Overall, I learned less, and I just plain became much more stressed. So, obviously, I have (at least somewhat) an anti-homework stance.

But, if you really do add more school hours, would you please, for the love of all that is wonderful in this world, please do everybody a fucking favor and finally get even more strict with the fucking moronic bullies in the school? Who gives a shit if they're a jock and play sports or not! Sports in school aren't necessary for education anyway, so why care if "you need him for the game?" In the real world, you get punished for crimes not matter what, just like several pro sports players. Also, if anyone has seen the movie Drillbit Taylor and thought how the bully got away with almost everything was unrealistic, trust me, it was actually very realistic. I had that happen to my girlfriend and I in school a lot, unless we were beaten. Even then, they sometimes got away. It truly does seem like bullies get away with almost everything nowadays, and we need to stop encouraging that behavior at all! Same goes for the parents. If you hear that your kid has done something awful (especially if you start hearing many cases of him doing something bad), don't just take that and think, "Oh, my kid would never do that. He's so nice here at home." I've seen that behavior often: nice at home, turns into the dark lord himself at school. Take action into his behavior for once in your lives!

And one last note I want to make to Obama. Do you really want to try and make our society more of a dystopia? Do you really want us Americans to move away from the American Dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by putting progress, work, and the pursuit of a good salary over any of that? I honestly think that we Americans work enough as is, and that's one of the reasons why our happiness rating is so low compared to several other countries (last time I checked, Denmark was the happiest). And you want to feed more into that system that's one of the causes of unhappiness? Ultimately, it seems that we're missing out more and more on the wonders of life, and we've lost a good idea of how to get them back. Please don't let them get away from us.

P.S. If this plan of yours does come into play, I'd be more than happy to say, "Impeach Obama!"

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