Sunday, September 20, 2009

The First Time I Had Ever Seen a Penis

I'm going to tell you about something kind of interesting about me. You know that I'm a lesbian, but I'm going to tell you about just how much of a lesbian I am.

I though of talking about this because my girlfriend and I recently were watching lesbian porn online together. We don't normally do that, but we sure felt like it today. :P Of course, we only watched stuff that at least seemed somewhat real. The second we noticed the video we were watching was fake, we clicked on another video. Trust me, we'd have sex ourselves, and could've done it already, but we currently live in a dorm, and the walls are thin. At the very least, once we had turned eighteen, we'd gotten naked. That is the furthest we've gotten so far. We'd both like to go a lot further, but like I said about the walls . . .

Anyway, the first time we actually watched lesbian porn together was when we were thirteen. We were curious of what it was really like, so we looked it up one day. For the most part, we did find lesbian porn, but every now and then, there'd be some stupid threesome where some dickhead asshole motherfucking guy pops his head up, walks over, and fucks the girls. Damn it, that pisses me off when that happens. Anyway, the first time we saw that situation and the guy whipped out his nasty ass penis, I threw up. I fucking barfed, damn it! They truly disgust me. It's not like I can't ever look at one, but if I stare long enough (like I'd want to anyway), then that's what happens. I get sick to my stomach, and sometimes it ends up with really bad results.

Of course, back then, we didn't know about Internet History. The vomit didn't help, either, but there was more evidence if it was needed. Thankfully, we used my girlfriend's computer to look up lesbian porn. Naturally, her parents found out, and actually told us that it was perfectly fine considering how curious we were, and further told me they felt bad about me throwing up like that. My parents would've found out about me being sick, but not about my girlfriend and I searching up lesbian porn. My girlfriend's parents later told my parents that I threw up because I ate too much.

I later told my cousin about it. She joked with me that, if my girlfriend and I really wanted to see lesbian sex, that we could just spend the night at her place with her then girlfriend. She said that it'd be safer for me since there would be no penises involved, I could get a front row seat, and it wouldn't be fake. I giggled and said I was fine.

But now, before I post this, I just want to say that my favorite thing to watch is tribadism. My girlfriend and I want to try that out the most. I've heard from a couple of girls online that it doesn't work, but I have a feeling that they're doing it wrong, because I also read even more responses on lesbian sites (not porn) that have said that it is actually quite pleasurable.

EDIT: My cousin confirmed that the girls that say tribadism doesn't work likely really are doing it wrong, or have broken vaginas. XD

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