Monday, July 20, 2009

Quick Update

I know that my girlfriend's probably the only one who reads this blog, but I'll update anyway.

Speaking of her, that's the first update. After seeing my blog, she's been interested in creating one, too. She told me she might make one, if not today, then some time soon. She doesn't think she'll get any readers (besides me), either, but she wants to anyway. It's good to get your thoughts and feelings out there anyway, so more power to you, sweetheart. ♥

Also, I haven't been posting lately because my car broke down, and I've been busy since. The problem was that my starter was shot. I go to the dealership telling the guy behind the counter about what's going on with my car. I thought it could've been the starter or the alternator. He tells me that it could be my battery as well, so I head over to Wal-Mart (because that's where I got the battery) to try out a new battery, or fix the one I already had. Before I do, though, I happened to see one of my friends there. He was getting his tires fixed. His dad was there, too, and he apparently knew a lot about cars. When he looked at my car, he thought it was the battery, too. But that was after my car started to not start. So he tried to jumpstart my car, and that didn't work. Whatever. So they told me about a place that fixes cars for cheap if it turned out that it was the starter or alternator going bad. After they left I decided to try the new battery since my car wouldn't start anyway, though I still was in doubt that it would work. After a while, sure enough, they tell me it is indeed my starter. Boy was I pissed, mostly at the guy at the dealership. Because of this I had to call my girlfriend to come and pick me up. I had to call a tow truck as well and have them tow it over to the dealership. Thankfully, my car insurance reimburses tow expenses, so that wasn't too bad. That and I'm also glad that my car stopped working in town instead of out in the middle of nowhere. After my car was towed, my girlfriend took me to a restaurant to eat as a treat for what happened. Such a sweetie. ♥ What's weird is she told me while we were eating that she had a feeling like something bad was going to happen that day.

Another thing that I don't have to mention, but will anyway, is that my family is wanting me to go with them on a kind of vacation with them. I'm going to pass on that. I'd rather stay home. I'm tired, I want to relax, and I want to be with my girlfriend. They said they couldn't let me bring her along, so that was a deal-breaker right there. She's the sweetest girl (sweetest anything, really) on the planet, but they don't seem to like her much. I have several theories on that, but I won't go into that right now. Anyway, me not going on this vacation means that I hope to be back to posting again soon.

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